Central location for the Groeneveld Group at BedrijfsautoRAI

Friday 18 September 2015

The Groeneveld Group can be found in the central hall of the RAI at stand number 01.217, between the manufacturers of trailers and heavy transport vehicles, both products for which automatic lubrication is indispensable. The 200m² stand provides plenty of room for the products and services of both Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions and Groeneveld ICT Solutions. Of course, there will also be lots of room for the traditional Groeneveld hospitality, including a majestic hospitality table serving as the central meeting point for our many clients and business relations who have helped build up our business in the Benelux over the last 45 years.


At the RAI, Groeneveld will showcase its entire range of automatic lubrication systems, including the recently launched EcoPlus for hydraulic lifts and cranes, mini diggers, mini loaders etc. The EcoPlus – a pump for smaller, progressive lubrication systems – features an entirely new design. Just like the CompAlube, the EcoPlus features a unique cartridge system that makes refills incredibly simple. The cartridge can be replaced in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, the cartridge system guarantees that the correct grease specification is used every time. The EcoPlus is easily programmable with integrated buttons and an easy-to-read LCD display. Other exhibits at the stand include the renowned SingleLine lubrication system for trucks and trailers, Twin for heavy-duty applications and the Oilmaster oil-management system. You can also find the unique Greensight ultrasonic safety system and Groeneveld cameras, and of course, the ATX on-board computer and TMS products developed by Groeneveld ICT Solutions.

Solid base in the Benelux

Since Groeneveld was founded in 1971, the organisation has developed into a major global player in the field of automatic lubrication systems. With more than 30 offices in over 20 countries, Groeneveld occupies a strong position in the aftermarket. In addition, it provides many thousands of systems each year to leading manufacturers of trucks, trailers, buses, earth-moving equipment, construction machinery and much more. Although Groeneveld has developed into a global player in automatic lubrication, oil management and safety systems over the past 45 years, the Benelux remains an important basis, accounting for around 15% of the organisation's total turnover. Groeneveld automatic lubrication systems are used for trucks (for lubrication of fifth wheels, steering axles etc.), as well as trailers with steering axles, heavy transport vehicles, hydraulic cranes/lifts, tipping systems, dump trucks, cement mixers and many more. As a result, you will see the familiar green 'G' logo at numerous stands at the RAI.

Attention to service

Service and quality of system construction have been Groeneveld's utmost priorities since the company was set up. In the Benelux alone, Groeneveld has over 25 experienced mechanics who provide installation and maintenance services to importers, dealers and end users. Their fully equipped service vehicles and the latest cutting-edge tools such as toughbooks and barcode readers ensure optimum service every time. To emphasise the value of the organisation behind the products, a fully equipped Groeneveld service vehicle will be present at the stand.

Groeneveld ICT Solutions

Groeneveld ICT Solutions is very happy with the rapidly growing market position of the ATX Android on-board computer, which offers limitless opportunities for the entire open structure. It can run third-party apps and specially designed Groeneveld software such as the driver-performance module, which gives drivers information about their driving style via the CAN bus. A CO2 footprint calculator, track and trace apps and geo-fencing are additional possibilities. ATX optimally fulfils the telematics-related wishes of the modern driver. Both the hardware and the software are fully modular. Installation is easy thanks to the DIN format. In addition, the Open Source nature of the software makes it easy to expand the system via Android™ apps developed by Groeneveld ICT Solutions or various other certified developers. In this way, Groeneveld also offers excellent scanning solutions in combination with ATX or other peripheral equipment such as printers. In combination with the Visual Planner application or VPweb, which can also be expanded with Business Intelligence software, Groeneveld ICT Solutions offers a complete ICT solution for road transport that is geared towards optimum transparency of logistics operations and offers a one-stop-shop service.

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