Automatic lubrication in the fertilising industry

New Zealand based fertilising company Spreading Canterbury operates 11 Scania spreading trucks under harsh conditions. To assure a superior greasing, Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions has installed SingleLine systems with fittings, distribution blocks and metering units.

Spreading Canterbury is the result of a joint venture between Ravensdown and Palmers Transport in 2007. The company operates multiple spreaders in the areas of Southbridge, Hornby, Rakaia and Ashburton. In total, the company has 11 Scania spreading trucks, mainly being 4x4 models but also some 6x6 models, as well as a fleet of automat supply trailers. All trucks and new trailers are equipped with Groeneveld’s SingleLine or CompAlube system.

Automatic Lubrication in Harsh Conditions

Ground spreading takes place under harsh conditions, therefore optimum sealing of all lubrication points is key. Only then, the entering of dirt, dust and water is prevented. And with good reasons as the contamination of lubrication points could cause costly excessive wear and tear and breakdowns. “After just a week in our conditions, it is hard enough even finding the grease nipples, let alone trying to get grease past the caked on fertiliser. With these Groeneveld systems, the grease goes directly from the pump to the pins and bushes, totally sealed and contaminant free,” mentions Gavin Palmer, Spreading Canterbury Operations Manager

The Perfect Solution for Every Application

For the proper lubrication of their Scania trucks, Spreading Canterbury uses the SingleLine systems from Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions. Some ground spreading trucks are equipped with electric autolube systems. However, the Spreading Canterbury trucks are equipped with pneumatic SingleLine systems. The advantage is that there are no electric parts like the motor or circuit board on the pump unit to cause problems in the extraordinary harsh and corrosive conditions of the fertiliser industry. “Automatic lubrication is about more than just cost and time saving. It is an essential tool for each company operating vehicles and machines with a significant need for grease, for which durability is paramount. To boost the positive effect of an autolube system, we offer the prefect solution for every situation”, says Groeneveld South Island Area Sales Manager Richard Johnston.

Spreading_Canterbury_web.jpgOne of the Scania trucks of Spreading Canterbury.

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