Oilmaster proves its value for bus operator Van Oeveren

High vehicle availability is of crucial importance for Van Oeveren, a bus operator based in Zierikzee in the Netherlands. Groeneveld's automatic oil management system, the Oilmaster, plays herin a key role.

Van Oeveren Busses

Van Oeveren, a Dutch bus operator that was founded in 1927, is a true family business. The company provides scheduled bus services for Connexxion in the Dutch province of Zeeland and the Interliner connection between Middelburg, Oude-Tonge and Rotterdam. Van Oeveren also offers consumers a variety of taxi services, day trips and bus programmes for seniors. The fleet comprises 65 buses, coaches and taxis.

Oilmaster eliminates manual oil checking and topping up

“Our buses for the scheduled service between Middelburg and Oude-Tonge clock up approximately 200,000 km a year. The Interliners to Rotterdam average around 150,000 km a year.” André van Oeveren, owner of the company and responsible for daily operations, points out that operational reliability and minimising downtime for servicing and maintenance are crucial. Longer intervals between services and reducing the amount of time required for servicing are particularly important. Reason enough for Van Oeveren to fit Oilmasters to all of the buses. This oil management system from Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions ensures that the engine oil is always kept at the optimum level. “The maintenance interval has now been extended to 60,000 km. When a service is due, we change the engine oil and refill the Oilmaster, which is then ready for a further 60,000 km” says André van Oeveren in explanation of the company's decision to use the Oilmaster. “This saves a significant amount of time and ensures operational reliability.” Automatically checking and topping up the engine oil saves many man-hours by eliminating the need to manually check the oil level on a daily basis and then top up as required. In addition, the system ensures the use of the correct type of oil specified by Van Oeveren and oil consumption is noticeably lower.


High vehicle availability is of crucial importance for Van Oeveren.

Oilmaster ex-works

The Groeneveld Oilmaster also prevents the addition of too much oil when topping up, which can result in extra oil consumption and even cause serious damage to the expensive exhaust gas after-treatment system. So the advantages are obvious: lower operating costs and higher vehicle availability. This explains why more and more public transport operators include an Oilmaster in their vehicle specifications. Van Oeveren uses the factory-fitted option offered by EvoBus. In addition to Evobus, other leading bus manufacturers also offer the Oilmaster as an ex-works option.
Our task is to increase efficiency for our customers, says Johan Bood, Sales Director Bus Applications. “The use of the Oilmaster for Van Oeveren is a good example of how our products help reduce operating costs while increasing bus availability at the same time. Finally this ensures a reliable service for the travellers who use Van Oeveren's buses.”


Owner André van Oeveren shows the Oilmaster.

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