Compact NLGI-0 automatic lubrication system with cartridge

XS is a perfect solution for compact earthmoving and construction equipment, such as mini excavators and small wheel loaders.  With its compact design, it will fit on a variety of applications. The control unit, pump and metering units are integrated into one unit and the cartridge can be easily replaced in the field.  The XS system ensures that GreenLube Grease is distributed with proper specifications.


  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Designed for compact off-road applications with a max. of 19 lubrication points 
  • Unique cartridge concept designed to deliver exact grease specifications


The XS is suitable for many applications like the ones shown below.  You are welcome to contact Groeneveld for further information.

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XS is designed for compact off-road machines, with a maximum of 19 lubrication points.  By activating the pump, Greenlube grease travels to the internal distribution block from the cartridge.  Metering units are mounted on this distribution block and will send grease to the individual lubrication points through (easy to install) lines.  

Metering units

The amount of grease per lubrication point is determined by the type of metering unit.  


Lines (comprised of flexible hoses or strong steel pipes) connect the metering units and lubrication points.  We offer the right tubing for each application.

System overview

The XS lubrication system consists of the following components:

  1. Pump unit, with:
  • Electric grease pump
  • Grease cartridge
  • Control unit (electronic timer)
  • Metering units
  • Grease pressure indicator
  • Grease lines from the metering units to the individual lubrication points
  • Electric cable to the pump

Click here to go to the Groeneveld-BEKA Portal for extensive technical and commercial documentation.

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