Want to keep your automatic lubrication system in optimum condition or make a service call? Whatever service you need, you'll find all the information on this page.

Let Groeneveld do the maintenance

Our Field Service Technicians are well-trained experts in servicing Groeneveld systems.  We'll ensure your system is working fine, all the time and under all circumstances.

With our global presence, service is only a phone call away. Below you will find an overview of our service contacts. If your country is not listed, please contact our International Back Office via email or phone: +31 (0) 183 641 517.

It all starts with a solid administration

That's why you will find a service sticker on your new Groeneveld pump.  This sticker tells you when the next service is due: we'll plan the service time together by phone.

Perform maintenance on your own

With our service videos, maintenance becomes easier to perform. For the Twin and SingleLine automatic lubrication systems we have service videos available. Please select your system to visit this webpage.

Use Groeneveld injectors for quick maintenance

The new generic IL-1 injectors make it easy to service a fleet with different automatic lubrication systems installed. The IL-1 injectors are mountable in every desired position and will do the trick for all kind of output. Typical applications are larger earthmoving equipment, mining machines and container handling equipment. In case of a pump failure the greasing points can be lubricated with a grease gun. It is this characteristic that makes the IL-1 injector also suitable for operation in centralisation systems. 

The benefits in a glance

  • Easy to install and service
  • Long lifespan due to the Viton seals
  • Possibility to adjust grease delivery after installation
  • Solid design
  • High operating pressure
  • Can be mounted in every position
  • Suitable for extreme ambient temperatures
  • Visual operation check possible

For more information, please reach out to us via the contact details below.

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