Groeneveld lubrication for articulated buses Qbuzz

Qbuzz, one of the leading Dutch public transporters, installed Groeneveld automatic lubrication on the double articulated buses, operating in the city of Utrecht. Time saving and the certainty that all the lubrication points of the 25-meter long buses will be lubricated consequently, were decisive.

Large amount of lubrication points

The recently bought double articulated Van Hool buses have 38 lubrication points. Mr. Bertus Tersteeg, Technical Coordinator Qbuzz Utrecht, explains that large amount: “Modern double articulated buses have more lubrication points than older types. Some parts that couldn’t be lubricated back in the days, like pivots, are equipped with lubrication points nowadays. Quite logical as not lubricating simply results in a reduced lifetime.”

Time savings

“Especially the lubrication points of the two articulated systems are hard to reach. It can’t be accessed under the bus, the mechanic has to go into the bus and remove the aluminum cover plates. When counting all the hours needed for proper lubrication, you have to simply conclude that automatic lubrication will be cheaper than manual lubrication. You can’t say that the mechanic will lubricate all greasing points right away during inspection of the bus . In the end, opting for the Groeneveld SingleLine automatic lubrication system is the result of a simple calculation.” Thus Bertus Tersteeg.

Certainty by comfort

“Beside time saving a Groeneveld lubrication system gives you the certainty that all the lubrication points will always be greased” adds Bertus Tersteeg, “That remains an open issue with manual lubrication. As improper lubrication causes a lot of damage, I really appreciate the assurance offered by automatic lubrication. Our previous double articulated were also equipped with automatic lubrication systems, but from a competitor of Groeneveld. Regularly, those systems ran us into problems. Offering us no advantage compared to manual greasing. The Groeneveld systems are in operation for six months and I haven’t received even a single complaint from our mechanics. Most importantly, by taking good care of our fleet we have as many buses as possible available for our travelers.

About Qbuzz

Founded in 2008, Qbuzz transfers approximately 250,000 travelers per day with 2,500 employees and 650 buses. The 17 double articulated Van Hool buses, owned by Qbuzz, are deployed for urban transport in the city of Utrecht.

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