Groeneveld assembles all of its products in its own manufacturing facilities. Machining operations are outsourced, while components and other production materials are purchased from specialized suppliers, complying with Groeneveld’s strict quality requirements. The company continuously invests in people and machinery in the constant drive to increase productivity, efficiency and quality.

Quality of products and processes is paramount. As a first-tier OEM supplier Groeneveld is of course ISO 9001 certified, while Groeneveld Manufacturing Italy is IATF 16949 certified. Of course we take care of the environment by keeping the impact of our operational processes on the environment as small as possible. Obviously Groeneveld is also ISO 14001 certified.

The company has two plants in Italy, near Lake Como and a small operation in Israel for Greensight sensors and related software. The main plant is based in Cassago Brianza, with the second plant located nearby in Valmadrera. In the Cassago plant all main components are assembled, as well as kits and electronic components. Also the Product Development, Engineering and the central warehouse are located in Cassago. The Valmadrera plant houses the sub-assembly operation and hose production, thus being a supplier to the main factory.

OEM Solutions

Not only end users are enthusiastic about the benefits of our systems. The same applies to well-known manufacturers. That is why Groeneveld products can be found in the option lists of manufacturers of, for instance, buses, trailers, wheel loaders and excavators. View the OEM clients page to get an overview of all manufacturers supplying Groeneveld systems ex-factory, often for many years. Read more.


The Twin automatic lubrication system can be found in the option lists of many leading manufacturers.

Cassago Brianza plant

In the Cassago plant all main components are manufactured, while also kits of distribution blocks, metering units, tubes and electronics are being assembled.

Cassago Brianza plant

Valmadrera plant

The Valmadrera plant is specialised in sub-assembly work and in cutting and filling hoses.

Valmadrera plant



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