Ten good reasons for choosing a Groeneveld automatic lubrication system

Less maintenance staff required in the operational area.

Exactly the right amount  of grease dispensed to each greasing point.

Applying grease is most effective when dispensed in small quantities with short intervals, during operation.

Extended lifetime of pivots, bushings and other components, resulting in reduced repair & maintenance costs.


Less repair & maintenance means enhanced equipment availability and uptime.

  • Less time wasted on manual greasing, saving man hours and enhancing uptime.
  • No need to stop the equipment for greasing.

Due to optimal greasing, the overall condition of the equipment is much better when being traded in, resulting in higher residual value.

  • Longer lifespan of components, less grease usage and no need for additives means less harm to the environment.
  • Possibility of using biodegradable grease.

Thanks to decades of experience in designing, producing, installing and maintaining leading automatic lubrication systems, Groeneveld is able to supply the correct automatic lubrication system for any application.

The professional installation and service by Groeneveld, guarantee many years of problem free use of the automatic lubrication system.



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