City of Wanneroo – reduced reversing incidents on waste trucks

One of the tasks of a local government council in Australia is to collect rubbish. Since a rubbish truck has many blind spots and is deployed in small and crowded streets, accidents are likely to happen. That is why the initial supplier of garbage trucks advised the City of Wanneroo to equip their trucks with an obstacle detection system. The supplier, known in those days as MacDonald Johnson, now Bucher, recommended Greensight, Groeneveld Lubrication Solution’s safety support system.

The City of Wanneroo is a local council in Western Australia responsible for 685 square kilometres, 32 kilometres of coastline and has been one of, if not, the fastest growing council in Australia for the past five years. Although numerous activities are carried out by contractors and sub-contractors, the council has a fleet of more than, inter alia, 20 waste-collecting trucks and wheel loaders, which is continuously growing. In order to prevent accidents involving their waste trucks during reversing, the council uses Greensight. During their search for an obstacle detection system, Bucher, The City of Wanneroo’s supplier of waste trucks, recommended Groeneveld’s Greensight. After a period of thorough tests, the City of Wanneroo was so pleased with the results that Greensight is now a standard safety specification on all their waste collection trucks.

Blind Spot Free Detection

One of the leading reasons for the council’s strong favour of Greensight is that when compared to competing safety detection systems, Greensight was found to have the best detection ability for blind spots. “Being a government entity, safety and prevention are paramount to our operation. Greensight has assisted us with this by significantly reducing the number of reversing incidents, due to its detection capabilities” states Brett Wainwright, Fleet Management Officer at City of Wanneroo.

Automatically Lubricates Better

In addition to Groeneveld’ s Greensight system, the City of Wanneroo also uses the Twin automatic lubrication system. “They have equipped their wheel loaders with our Twin dual-line heavy duty system. Since using Twin, the City of Wanneroo have witnessed a significant reduction of wear and tear on pins and bushes. Contrary to manual lubrication, crucial components are lubricated with small quantities of grease in short intervals during operation. Manual dependency is eliminated and the council is assured their machines are accurately greased under all circumstances,” explains Jim Herewini, Area Manager at Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions in Western Australia, “Overall, Groeneveld’s Greensight and Twin systems have assisted The City of Wanneroo in adhering to strict preventative maintenance requirements as well as reducing the amount of reversing incidents.”

City of Wanneroo Greensight 1 web.JPG

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