Efficient lubrication for Goldacres sprayers

Founded in 1978, Goldacres is one of the leading manufacturers for self-propelled sprayers in Australia. To Goldacres manual lubrication is simply not an option, given all the hard to reach lubrication points and harsh environments, often present where sprayers are used. Automatic lubrication has therefore become a standard for Goldacres. Ashley Dinning, National Sales Manager at Goldacres head office in Ballarat, Victoria, discusses how automatic lubrication is a no-brainer.

Groeneveld’s automatic lubrication systems can be found on numerous applications all over the globe. In transport, mining and earthmoving, autolube has pretty much become a standard. Nowadays, more and more companies in the agricultural sector are also embracing the positive effects of automatic lubrication. Goldacres, awarded the most innovative self-propelled sprayer manufacturer in Australia, is one of these companies. Ashley Dinning shares his views towards automatic greasing and states: “Sprayers are reasonably complex machines and grease nipples can be in hard to reach places, with a Groeneveld automatic lubrication system all of these hard to reach lubrication points are greased appropriately and at regular intervals. Customers can therefore save a lot of down time on manual greasing which can take over an hour on a self-propelled sprayer,”

Excellent Return on Investment

“Using a Groeneveld SingleLine autolube system is a no-brainer, as it pays for itself in the long run. In addition, you add value to the resale price of your equipment with an automatic lubrication system. We have calculated that after a five-year period, an automatic lubrication system only costs about $ 35,- a week. This simple comparison, to the time and cost involved in manually greasing a sprayer, justifies the initial cost. Besides that, the machine is lubricated during operation, so the grease will disperse better over the surface that has to be lubricated,“ Ashley adds.

“With automatic lubrication you can be sure that all greasing points receive the correct amount of grease, regardless of weather conditions. Furthermore, an autolube system reduces grease consumption,” underlines Brendan Campbell, Regional Sales Manager at Groeneveld.

Service Satisfaction

“One of the other main reasons for choosing Groeneveld as our autolube supplier, is the second to none service. Groeneveld will design the kit required for a specific self-propelled sprayer, install it and when needed, service it. One call and the job is done,” emphasizes Ashley Dinning. A confirmation, that service is one of the core values at Groeneveld.

About Goldacres

Started in 1978 as a small operation out of a shed in St Arnaud, Victoria, Goldacres have grown to now be a company with 150 employees Australia wide. They manufacture around one-hundred self-propelled sprayers for the harsh Australian conditions, per year. In 2018 the company will be celebrating 40 years of operation.

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