“Excellent back-up and service support from Groeneveld NZ”

Cartage and earthmoving company P & I Pascoe relies on Groeneveld for efficient automatic lubrication of their Scania tipper trucks. The SingleLine systems can be found on every Scania truck.

Founded in 1988 by Peter and Ian, P & I Pascoe limited has developed into a large cartage and earthmoving company, with 26 Scania trucks with tippers and many tipper trailers. “With such a large fleet, manual lubrication is not a serious option. It will costs hours a week, not to mention the planning and dedication it requires. Therefore, we have all our Scania trucks fitted Groeneveld’s SingleLine systems. The main benefit is the big reduction in maintenance and associated costs and downtime,” stated Peter Pascoe, Director of P & I Pascoe. “Finally these advantages help us to serve our customers in a better way, as unplanned downtime is minimised.”

Bulletproof System

Back in 2009 P & I Pascoe bought a second hand Scania Tipper with the Groeneveld SingleLine system installed. Ever since that moment, all their Scania trucks, both new and second hand, are equipped with the SingleLine automatic lubrication system. “Since we have installed the SingleLine EP-0 grease systems, we are experiencing less wear and tear on the front axle sections of the Scania trucks, not a single kingpin, shackle pin or bush had to be replaced. Greasing with a SingleLine autolube system is ideal for our trucks as the EP-0 grease is applied in precise quantities to specific areas. In addition, the SingleLine is simply a bullet proof system, it never stops working. Besides that, we have experienced excellent back-up and service support from Groeneveld New Zealand. That is why we have never contemplated another system,” added Trent Cockroft, Workshop Manager.

Happy to Help

“At Groeneveld it is not about selling lubrication systems, it is all about supporting customers with their day-to-day operational business. Throughout the years, the SingleLine has proven to be a perfect solution for automatic lubrication of larger on road trucks and trailers. Eliminating the periodically manual lubrication simply saves P & I Pascoe hours a week. On top of that, critical components last longer and lubrication related failures belong definitely to the past,” according to Dave Mills, Area Sales Manager at Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions New Zealand.

About P&I Pascoe

Peter and Ian Pascoe of P & I Pascoe Limited have been in the business of cartage and earthmoving for over 25 years. Starting with two trucks to building the company to what it is today. P & I Pascoe covers all aspects of site and earthworks and aggregate requirements. They also have Cleanfills available, which enables them to provide a complete site works package from quoting through to site preparation. At P & I Pascoe health and safety, quality and environmental obligations are paramount. They take pride in being ACC accredited, Site safe members, National Road Carriers Assn members and Auckland City Contractors group members. This ensures that they are fully informed and therefore provide the most professional service available.


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