Fulton Hogan lubricates automatically with Groeneveld

Fulton Hogan, active in construction and maintaining of, inter alia, roads, airports, bridges and mines, uses Groeneveld systems for the automatic greasing of numerous trucks and machines. “One of the biggest advantages is the increased productivity due to less down time from pin and bushing failures; we have virtually eliminated pin and bushing replacement.” Says Graham Eaton, Mechanical Engineer of Fulton Hogan.

Since the founding of the company back in 1933, Fulton Hogan has developed into a leading company in their fields of operation. The company’s equipment can be found all over the Australasian region. Fulton Hogan is a vertically integrated road and civil construction business with their own aggregates, so they have an enormous fleet of trucks and machines. Some figures of their New Zealand fleet: 1,300 trucks, 1,200 trailers, 250 excavators and 245 wheel loaders.

It is all about uptime

With such a fleet, efficient maintenance is key. Graham Eaton, Mechanical Engineer at Fulton Hogan, underlines the importance of automatic lubrication: “Thanks to the Groeneveld automatic lubrication systems we’ve an increased productivity due to less downtime as a result of daily manual greasing. In addition, pin and bushing replacement is virtually eliminated. That reduces maintenance downtime significantly. In addition automatically lubricating is better than the manual method; not only the lifetime of pins and bushings is significantly better, also external contamination is prevented. So, for less costs we’ve an improved uptime and availability of our machines and trucks. And last but not least we’re able to serve our customers in a better way.”

Long standing relationship

Since 2002, Groeneveld automatic lubrication systems are used by Fulton Hogan. The Groeneveld systems are standard for all graders, excavators and loaders of above 10 tons and all 6x4 and 8x4 trucks. For other equipment such as small wheel loaders, compact excavators and heavy trailers the Groeneveld systems are also often installed. “Groeneveld’s automatic lubrication system is a quality and reliable product with backup and support across our operations. The training provided to our workshop staff increases our ability to support the product in remote locations.” Says Mr. Eaton, “It’s also a great benefit that most of the OE manufacturers from which Fulton Hogan Ltd purchases new plant, have also made the Groeneveld automatic greasing system their standard. This is a great fit for our business.”

About Fulton Hogan

Fulton Hogan has made its mark for more than 80 years – building and maintaining the roads, airports, bridges, mines and property developments that form the important connections between, cities and towns. Nowadays the company employs 6900 people.