Graintrans improves business efficiency with Groeneveld

Graintrans, a grain trade, storage and transport company, is constantly looking for ways to do business more efficiently. That is why they approached their truck dealer Brown & Hurley for some options a few years ago. As automatic lubrication is an efficient tool for eliminating downtime while reducing repair and maintenance, the dealer advised to install a Groeneveld automatic lubrication system. Groeneveld auto lube systems have now been the standard for all of Graintran’s trucks and trailers.

“With reduced repair time on the one hand and improved uptime on the other, the application of the Groeneveld automatic greasing systems saves us time and money. Instead of stopping the equipment for manual greasing, the trucks and trailers are being greased while driving. That adds value to the company’s bottom line. Our prime movers and larger trailers are equipped with SingleLine systems, on our smaller trailers we have installed CompAlube systems. We also have one Volvo wheel loader equipped with the Twin heavy duty system.” Explains Barton McNab, director of Graintrans.

Long standing relationship

The first SingleLine system was installed back in 2006. Since then the company has trialled several of Groeneveld’s competitors to ensure that the SingleLine is the best in class solution. “Reliability is the main reason for continuously opting Groeneveld. I know the track record of the system: not a single system failure at all. That gives me peace of mind,” Says Mr McNab. “Once there was a line broken due to a collision with a kangaroo but of course, that had nothing to do with the quality of the system.”

Automatically lubricates better

Besides the time savings realised by automatic lubrication, the quality of the lubrication is much better than greasing under static conditions. Obviously, manual lubrication takes place while the truck stands still, therefore it is impossible for the grease to reach the whole surface that has to be lubricated. This results in improper sealing and lubrication with costly and time-consuming consequences.

SingleLine automatic lubrication systems

The main system used by Graintrans is the SingleLine, the bread and butter of Groeneveld. The SingleLine automatic lubrication system has a parallel operation and is suitable for up to NLGI-0 grease. The SingleLine is specifically developed for vehicles and machines with a large number of lubrication points such as low-loaders, articulated buses, trucks with drum brakes and trailers with steered axles. This lubrication system is used all over the world and ensures efficient and effective lubrication.


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