Groeneveld absolutely indispensable to Martens en Van Oord

Martens en Van Oord, active in the groundworks, road construction and hydraulic engineering sectors and related disciplines, such as the construction materials trade, is a fervent user of Groeneveld products. “Automatic lubrication systems have become absolutely essential to our machinery park, and a number of our trucks and machines have now also been equipped with Oilmasters,” says Director Tobias van Oord. Operational reliability, lower operating costs and sustainability are the most important arguments cited by this company which was founded in 1986. “Automatic lubrication during operation simply lubricates better than manual lubrication of a machine at rest,” is the no-nonsense explanation from Van Oord.

01. Machines MvO.jpg

Automatic lubrication from Groeneveld is indispensable in the modern machinery park of Martens en Van Oord.

Since its establishment in 1986, Martens en Van Oord have developed into a leading company in the road construction and hydraulic engineering sector. The company's green and white equipment and machinery can be found throughout the country and sometimes even beyond the Dutch border. In the more than 28 years of its existence, this enterprising business has built up a solid reputation for innovation and sustainable solutions. For founder Teus van Oord, 'thinking in solutions' is the foundation of it all. And his son Tobias definitely agrees. The whole company exudes this same spirit. And the many exceptional road and water construction projects that the company has to its name underline this company culture. As does, for that matter, an invention that is as simple as it is unique—the mega road plates which save a great deal on fuel consumption. And with respect to their equipment, innovation is trump. The reliability and the low operating costs of the green and white machines are crucial for healthy profitability, and automatic maintenance is a significant contributor to this.


02. Twin MvO.jpg

The Twin dual-line lubrication system from Groeneveld also lubricates the largest machines at Martens en Van Oord, fully automatically.

‘Once you see the figures, you lubricate automatically’

“We have approximately 80 machines. If you would have to lubricate these manually every day, that would cost at least 80 times 15 minutes - that's 20 hours. In hourly wages alone, that's some 700 euros. Every day! And then I haven't even calculated the down time of the machines,” exclaims Tobias van Oord. But that is not the only argument for choosing automatic lubrication from Groeneveld for all of the machines. “We have excellent mechanics; mechanics that are good for their machines. And if it were best, they would regularly lubricate the machines by hand. That is not the problem. The fact is, a machine is better lubricated when it is operational than when it is at rest. The grease is better distributed in the bearings. And you can only achieve that with an automatic lubrication system. For us, there is nothing better than the unique Twin dual-line lubrication system from Groeneveld, which perfectly greases our largest machines. On the largest of the machines, we have already installed the Twin XL system with a 20 litre reservoir.” In addition, the MAN trucks from Martens en Van Oord are all equipped with an Oilmaster oil management system that ensures that the oil in the motor is always at the correct level.


03. Oilmaster on trucks MvO.jpgIn addition to automatic lubrication, Groeneveld's Oilmaster has also been installed on the trucks.

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