Groeneveld improves safety with automatic lubrication

TRUCKRIGHT is an Australian based company, founded by Rod Hannifey, in order to increase road safety awareness in the transport industry. TRUCKRIGHT operates the TRUCKRIGHT Industry Vehicle (TIV) to support initiatives for safer roads and to raise awareness for products which increase road safety. The truck and trailers that are the TIV, are owned by Rod Pilon Transport based in Dubbo and Rod Hannifey drives the unit as a fulltime employee driver and then does road transport and road safety advocacy on top of that. Groeneveld recognize the need for industry advocacy and have supported the TIV and its’ aims and equipped the truck and both trailers with a Groeneveld SingleLine system. These automatic lubrication systems help to improve the safety of the operation as the application of the systems prevents crawling under the equipment for manual lubrication, while reducing costs. Furthermore automatic lubrication prevents unnecessary, lubrication related failures causing dangerous standstills whilst being on the road.

Rod Hannifey, Founder of TRUCKRIGHT, explains the choice for the Groeneveld SingleLine automatic lubrication systems: “A number of industry associations and product suppliers support the aims of the TIV and with Groeneveld’s auto lubrication systems, it can help with dealing with the roads as they are now and will support road safety in ensuring the moving parts on the complete truck are maintained and lubricated as needed for the life of the unit. Keeping trucks maintained on the road is an important part of industry safety and road safety generally.”

Decreased wear and tear

“The prime mover has recently achieved 1,000,000 kilometers and has not had any moving suspension or brake parts replaced. The trailers have just turned over 1.5 million kilometers without a component failure and the brakes are still less than 50% worn. This is a testament to the BPW suspensions and to the fact they are being maintained consistently.” Rod says about the advantages of the high-end Groeneveld systems.
“One of the biggest advantages of automatic lubrication systems is that the components will be lubricated during operation so the grease spreads better over the surface that has to be lubricated and every single spot is covered with grease, even hard to reach locations.” Clarifies Michael Gracie, Managing Director of Groeneveld Australia and New-Zealand, “Besides this, automatic lubrication allows you to grease with small quantities and short intervals, assuring that there’s always enough grease at the lubrication points, without over greasing.”

Reduced service time

“Lack of maintenance can be a problem with interstate trucks, due to the kilometers they travel and the time involved in routine maintenance. Having Groeneveld auto greasers fitted to each of the three units, the prime mover and two trailers, ensures each is independent and set at the right level for the unit and there is ample capacity for grease. Furthermore there are no additional connection lines required between the units, when they are disconnected. Normal service time is vastly reduced as no lubrication of individual items is required. I recommend Groeneveld automatic lubrication systems for safety on the road, reduced maintenance costs and peace of mind.”, Rod says.

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