Automatic lubrication for McNeill Distribution Ltd

New Zealand based transport company McNeill Distribution Ltd lubricates automatically. And for good reasons. Blair Keelty, Log Transport Manager at McNeill Distribution explains: “It is great peace of mind knowing that the grease is going where it should be and all of our critical components are receiving the correct lubrication they require.”

McNeill Distribution Ltd, established in 1918, is a family owned company based in the South Island of New Zealand. Initially the company’s focus was drilling. During the years, transport and pumping became the other two divisions of the company. Their transport division specialises in the cartage of logs, bark and woodchip products as well as accommodating a wide range of other bulk products in tipping trucks and trailer units. The trucks and trailers of McNeill distribution can be found all across the South Island roads.

Reasons For Choosing Groeneveld

A lot of Groeneveld’s customers continue to choose a Groeneveld autolube greasing system when they start at a new position. So Blair Keelty’s his first acquaintance with Groeneveld was 13 years ago at a previous company. When starting as Log Transport Manager at McNeill Distribution Ltd, he introduced Groeneveld: “I looked at this product when working for a previous company. I liked the idea of a system that automatically fed grease to the moving parts and the peace of mind knowing it was going where it needed to be. One less job for the driver to worry about,” explains Blair. “Initially I had some concerns about the outlay costs. Nonetheless, it didn’t take much time for me to realise that the installation of a Groeneveld autolube greasing system is a no-brainer. The Groeneveld SingleLine systems simply reduces repair and maintenance costs.”

As Strong As The Weakest Part

“The installer did an excellent job. In addition, the backup service from Groeneveld New Zealand was first class. Everything was well communicated throughout the entire process. Drivers were impressed with the simplicity of the product. Because it had really a positive impact on their work as a normal grease job costs them 45 minutes per truck,” adds Blair, “For a transport company it is all about details. In order to be competitive, we have to optimise all of our business processes.”

High Service Is Paramount

“High level installation and service is all about dedication. Because the lubrication system needs to be perfectly aligned to the truck, trailer or machine. And the type of use. We don’t simply put a pump on a bracket and lay some grease lines,” explains Jono Wilson, Senior Customer Support Technician at Groeneveld, “However, regardless the quality of the system, superior and responsive service plays an important role. Our service organisation is able to react quickly to any service request throughout New Zealand.”

Peace Of Mind

Having peace of mind that all the components are lubricated is a well-recognized argument. Because, with a SingleLine installed, you can virtually forget the system. “The system will give an audible signal in case of a low level in the reservoir. Filling it with grease will cost us a few minutes. I would recommend the Groeneveld automatic lubrication systems to anyone who has vehicles and machinery with moving parts. It is peace of mind knowing lubrication is going where it should be and components are getting the lubrication they require.” concludes Blair.

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