Groeneveld products on 200 machines at Boels Rental

Boels Rental has elected to have the Groeneveld EcoPlus automatic lubrication system installed on their recent purchase of 200 mini and midi excavators. They also had Groeneveld Speedlimiters installed on 20 mini wheel loaders. Boels' decision is the result of a sober calculation with a clear result. It became apparent that, by adding the EcoPlus lubrication system, the total maintenance costs throughout the life of the machines were significantly lower – the result of the increased life span of the machine and huge savings on labour costs. If the machines had to be lubricated manually after each rental period, this would cost many man-hours. Manual lubrication will also decrease turnover. After all: while being lubricated, the machine could not be let out. The installation of the Speedlimiter also contributed to managing costs through lower fuel consumption and less wear on the engine, tyres and brakes.

Boels Rental.JPGSome of the 200 machines equipped with Groeneveld.

Advantages of EcoPlus

The EcoPlus system that was introduced on the TKD in 2014 is a newly developed automatic greasing pump for NLGI 2 progressive systems. The system's strong point is its compact design in combination with the unique cartridge system for simple refilling. EcoPlus also guarantees an accurate, viscosity-independent grease supply over a wide temperature range. The pump is easy to programme with push buttons and a clear LCD display. By using cartridges with the highest quality of GreenLube grease, Groeneveld can offer a standard 3-year warranty on the EcoPlus system.

EcoPlus offers ‘great value for money’. Excellent performance and uncompromising quality and reliability. EcoPlus is the ideal solution for automatic greasing of smaller machines and, for example, articulating cranes. Even with a restricted number of lubrication points, EcoPlus quickly provides a good return on the machine investment. Frequent lubrication in metered quantities ensures maximum lubrication effect of moving parts and minimum grease consumption. The result: lower costs, less time needed for service and maintenance, reduced downtime as well as increased life of expensive machine components. In short: lower costs and higher profits.

Boels Rental EcoPlus.JPG

The EcoPlus pump behind the service hatch.

Groeneveld Speedlimiter

The Speedlimiter is an electronic speed and rpm limiter for wheel loaders, trucks, buses and vans. These speed and rpm limiters increase safety and contribute to the cost-efficiency of the vehicle due to higher fuel efficiency and reduced wear of the engine, tyres and brakes. Safety considerations and legal provisions are usually instrumental in the purchase of Speedlimiters. Reduction of the emission of harmful substances was one of the reasons why legislative powers set a maximum permissible driving speed. The Groeneveld Speedlimiter leaves engine power fully intact, while setting a maximum speed and/or rpm. Due to its digital electronic control, the limiter operates smoothly and highly accurately.

Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions

Groeneveld Group, which is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year, develops, produces and markets automatic lubrication, safety and oil management systems in more than thirty countries worldwide. It is Groeneveld's mission to maintain its leading-edge position within the transport, off-road, public transport, agriculture, forestry, mining and industry sectors by continuing to improve its products and services. The result: efficiency enhancement, cost reduction and thereby an increased return on investment for all customers.

Boels Rental

Boels Rental is one of Europe’s leading rental organisations in the area of machinery, tools, temporary accommodations and event equipment. In addition to offering various quality products for companies and individuals, Boels supports corporate clients in various sectors with project realisation, logistics and equipment management. With its international rental fleet, Boels Rental provides services for the building sector, industry, the event sector, governments and non-profit institutions. Boels Rental has more than 350 branches and 2,750 employees in 9 European countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Italy. The company also looks after more than 2,250 shop-in-shop rental points in various reputable DIY stores in 14 European countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland. The core business of Boels Rental is the rental of machinery. The international rental company hires out almost everything in the area of machinery and tools. Boels Rental also has various specialisms: Construction Equipment, Tower Waggons, Lifting and Materials Handling, Building Site Facilities, Construction Lifts, Site Accommodation, Construction Lifts, Geo & Safety, Power, Rail Equipment, Climate Control and Concrete Treatment.