Groeneveld proves value at Pierce Transit

Around the globe, more and more bus companies have discovered the benefits of Groeneveld automatic lubrication systems. Pierce Transit, the second-largest transit agency in Washington state, chose recently to use the Groeneveld Twin system technology for their own fleet. This year the agency bought ten new Gillig buses, naturally all ex-factory equipped with the Twin autolube system.


One of the Pierce Transit buses, equipped with the Twin automatic lubrication system.

A strong and reliable combination

“Innovation is the word. Since Pierce Transit began operations we have always looked for ways to improve our services and offer our ridership the best experience possible. Using stateof-the-art technology is part of that mission.” Says Mr. Bill Serenbetz, Fleet Assistant Manager at Pierce Transit.“ But even the best buses need service, including regular greasing. Insufficient greasing results in excessive wear of crucial axle and steering components, leading to higher repair and maintenance costs. This new automatic lubrication system will bring cost savings and cleaner operations, and allow us to divert service repair hours to other areas of need. We believe the Twin system of Groeneveld is the best you can get,” Serenbetz said.

Automatic lubrication

“The benefits of automatic lubrication are significant,” Johan Bood, Sales Director Bus Applications at Groeneveld, adds. “The grease is applied in small quantities at frequent intervals during operation, resulting in optimum spread of the grease. In addition, automatic lubrication saves time and hassle for the technicians of Pierce Transit. Here the safety aspect also comes into the picture. Our task is to increase efficiency for our customers. The use of the Twin system at Pierce Transit is a good example of how our products help reduce operating costs while increasing bus availability at the same time. This makes the investment in the Twin system pay back in no time. Finally, this ensures a reliable service for the travellers who use the services of Pierce Transit.”

About Pierce Transit

Founded in 1979, Pierce Transit is a nationally-recognized leader in the public transportation industry. Pierce Transit covers 292 square miles of Pierce County, serving roughly 70 percent of the county population. Serving Washington’s second-largest county,
Pierce Transit provides three types of service – Fixed Route, SHUTTLE paratransit and Vanpools – that help get passengers to jobs, schools and appointments. The fleet comprises 270 buses and vans.

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