Groeneveld provide service and overall costs savings for DTE

Darogi Transport Express (DTE) is an Australian owned and operated line haul company based in Western Australia since 1992, servicing all locations within Australia. DTE transports various types of freight from container, express, tautliner, oversize and flat top in all configurations being single, b-double and road trains.

Owner operator Darryl Gibaud explains why he has opted for the automatic lubrication systems of Groeneveld: “The Groeneveld systems simply saves us a lot of time and costs by considerably reducing down time and ongoing maintenance. We’ve saved thousands of dollars on manual greasing and an ample number of service hours.”

Groeneveld quality

Darryl speaks passionately about the fact that he has never considered a competitors product since the installation of Groeneveld systems on his fleet. This alone acts as a testimony to the quality and durability of Groeneveld systems and services. “This is why we use Groeneveld systems since the first installation in 2009.” Thus Mr. Gibaud, “Groeneveld’s automatic greasing systems on my vehicles have been an asset to my company from all areas including maintenance prevention, time saving and knowing that all areas that are greased by the systems are well lubricated, resulting in a huge cost saving advantage.”

Automatically lubricates better

“The benefits of automatic greasing are significant”, Michael Gracie, Managing Director of Groeneveld Australia and New Zealand, adds. “The grease is applied in small quantities at frequent intervals during driving, resulting in optimum spread of the grease. In addition, automatic lubrication saves time and hassle for the technicians and drivers of Darogi Transport Express. Here the safety aspect also comes into the picture, as automatic lubrication prevents crawling under the truck for manual lubrication. Our task is to increase efficiency for our customers. The use of the SingleLine system at Darogi Transport Express is a good example of how our products help reduce operating costs while increasing truck availability at the same time. This makes the investment in the SingleLine system pay back in no-time. Finally this ensures a reliable service for the customers of DTE.”