HOYER Nederland B.V. chooses Groeneveld applications

After extensive and thorough tests, HOYER Nederland B.V. from Rotterdam-Botlek made the well-considered decision to work with the solutions of Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions. At the commissioning of 36 new DAF CF 85 trucks and 35 Van Hool container chassis, the trucks were fitted with the Groeneveld Oilmaster oil management system and the CompAlube automatic greasing system. Also installed on the 35 container chassis is the Groeneveld Greensight safety system. For the design and configuration of the systems, Groeneveld worked closely with DAF dealer Truckland Zuid-Holland in Rotterdam and chassis rental company D.G.C.L. in Hoogvliet.

“We first came into contact with Groeneveld three years ago,” begins Wim van Halum. As Fleet Manager at HOYER, he is responsible for the fleet in the Benelux – amongst other things. “HOYER is one of the world market leaders in the international transport of liquid chemicals, food, gas and mineral oils. Safe transport is vital to this, in every step of the chain. Driven by the high requirements that we set for our transportation, HOYER is always looking for ways to make transport safer and thus to add a cost-saving element in our operational costs. Manoeuvre costs determine the claims trend within our company. For this reason, we sought ways of making transport safer and thus also minimising the costs resulting from such damage.

Stand-alone Greensight

Greensight is Groeneveld's ultrasonic safety system which warns the driver whether people or objects are behind the vehicle when it is reversing. On account of HOYER's operations, involving frequent trailer changes, the company choose Greensight's stand-alone version, which has a display with coloured LED lights on the trailer. “This ensures that the system functions autonomously, so that we can continue to operate flexibly while still being able to take full advantage of the system's capabilities. We tested the Greensight stand-alone version on different tank trailers and container chassis. This helped us develop a method of standardisation that we can use for our entire drawn fleet. Regardless of the make or type of trailer, the Greensight is activated when reverse is selected and therefore contributes to safety when reversing. We had positive experiences during the testing period, so we decided to install this Groeneveld application on the 35 new container chassis.”

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Oilmaster oil management

Almost simultaneously with the new trailers, HOYER Nederland B.V. started using 36 new Euro 6 DAF CF85 trucks. DAF dealer Truckland Zuid-Holland fitted these vehicles with a 6 or 12-litre Groeneveld Oilmaster oil management system and a CompAlube automatic oil lubrication system. Van Halum: “We knew that these systems existed, but we had never used them before. The decision to fit these systems was motivated by the ongoing developments in our operations and the proven effectiveness of Groeneveld's systems.” The vehicle weight is an important factor in tank and bulk transport. However, it has been proven that the additional weight of the lubrication system and the Oilmaster is minimal, certainly when you consider the user friendliness and sustainability. “We looked at aspects such time-saving, minimising environmental impact and costs. Reports show that a disproportionate amount of time and energy are wasted in the manual refilling of lubricants and oil. Groeneveld's Oilmaster ensures that the engine's oil level remains optimal under all circumstances. If necessary, the oil is automatically refilled with the oil supplied by the truck dealer.” 

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Automatic lubrication system

HOYER also uses trailers with an electronically steered three-axle, which requires regular lubrication. “This was our reason for choosing the Groeneveld CompAlube automatic lubrication system, which in addition to the fuses also lubricates the coupling plate. Safety and sustainability were the deciding factors in combing the two Groeneveld automatic maintenance systems. We have been using the systems for several months now and the results are very positive!” Wim van Halum concludes. 

The collaborative approach taken by the parties involved was a deliberate choice on the part of HOYER and Groeneveld. Based on the sharing of knowledge and insights, this method made it possible to achieve a good end result. This approach also offers HOYER and Groeneveld a single point of contact for matters relating to the delivery, installation and maintenance of the automatic maintenance and safety systems. Given the positive experiences in the preparation stage and with the systems already installed, HOYER and Groeneveld are now committed to building a sustainable relationship for the long term.

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