Lek-Sloopwerken lubricates Volvo EC700C HR automatically

The Groeneveld Twin XL automated lubrication system was developed especially for larger machinery with a high requirement for grease. The Twin XL also fulfils the user's wish not to refill the grease that often while working. The XL, with its 18-litre reservoir capacity, is used in mining and installed on the larger equipment for earth-moving and demolition work. A recent example of this is the installation on the new Volvo EC700C HR demolition excavator of Lek-Sloopwerken. This demolition company, established in 2009, wanted to keep maintenance costs to a minimum and prevent defect costs of their new and impressive machine.


ek-Sloopwerken was established in 2009 by Peter de Korte and Maarten Lek. Sustainability and ‘out of the box’ thinking are typical for this company. Knowing demolition work through and through, the founders are able to come up with innovative solutions. Because good equipment is half the work, Lek-Sloopwerken always invests in the most modern machinery. The new Volvo EC700C HR excavator, equipped with a 4-metre long boom and a 7,210-kilo shear, makes demolition possible up to 20 metres high. With this newest acquisition, heavy concrete structures can be cut rather than chopped, resulting in less disruption to the environment. A major advantage of this machine is that demolition can take place at depth because of the adjustable boom.

Automatic lubricating with Groeneveld

In order to achieve the highest possible return on investment, Lek-Sloopwerken decided to have a Groeneveld automatic lubrication system installed. “We chose Groeneveld's Twin-XL because we wanted to be sure that the lubrication is always done optimally. Defect costs are prevented this way.” Maarten Lek explains. “We chose the large version of the Twin system, the Twin XL, because we didn't want to have to constantly top up.”

Dylan ter Burg, Account Manager at Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions Nederland, explains in more detail why Lek-Sloopwerken chose the Twin-XL from among the wide selection of lubrication systems of Groeneveld. “Lek Sloopwerken equipment is used under the most demanding circumstances. The Twin system offers the best guarantee that all lubrication points are given the right dose of grease at the right interval, regardless of the circumstances. Such a large machine needs a lot of grease. With the large 20-kilo reservoir, little or even no grease has to be added between servicing. Installing the system leads to less downtime of the machine, lower maintenance and repair costs and less wear on the pins and bushings. And, what's more, good preventative maintenance ultimately leads to a higher residual value.”

Advantages of Twin-XL

The XL version of the Twin system offers all of the advantages of the Groeneveld Twin dual-line system but with a higher reservoir capacity. The system works under relatively low pressure, which retains the quality and structure of the grease. Furthermore, optimum lubrication of all lubrication points is realized due to the two simultaneous lines. The patented system also enables very accurate dosage at each lubrication point. Unlike progressive systems, the Twin system also operates optimally in extremely low temperatures and when there are larger distances between the pump and the lubrication points. This means that the Twin heavy-duty automatic lubrication system is especially suitable for larger machinery, such as large wheel loaders, dump trucks and, for example, hydraulic excavators with long arms.

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