McCarthy Transport chooses Groeneveld for decades

McCarthy Transport is a key player in the business of New Zealand log transportation for over 60 years, servicing the Karioi, Wanganui and Masterton Regions. Utilizing the best technology is one of the pillars of the successful operation of the company. With automatic lubrication, Groeneveld plays an important role for McCarthy Transport.

Serving the customer well

“We’re operating over 100 vehicles, in an outstretched area. Our vehicles are mostly operating under demanding circumstances which are characteristic for the logging business in New Zealand. It’s our job to get the logs from the forestry operations to the customers, just in time and in all weather conditions. Automatic greasing systems play a vital part in keeping our trucks and trailers on the road for as long as possible. Eliminating the daily manual grease jobs simply means that our equipment can be used longer to serve the customer” says Mr. Alfons Reitsma, Company Asset Manager of McCarthy Transport. “The stability of the company, the availability of parts and services and the continuous innovation are important drivers to continue choosing the Groeneveld systems.”

Automatic greasing for improved uptime

“When I started as Company Asset Manager, I brought the usage of the Groeneveld technology to the next level. Right now, we use the Groeneveld SingleLine system on all new build trucks and trailers (if not greaseless) as part of the automation of our processes. It gives us an increased uptime through less wear.” Mr. Reitsma thereby underlines the importance of the Groeneveld systems for their overall business operation by stating the following “Next to the increased uptime of our trucks and trailers we achieved a lower workshop occupation. A log transport combination can go up to 23 meters in New Zealand or 26 meters in Australia and as such takes up a lot of workshop space for manually greasing the equipment. Of course, we’ve also decreased labour utilisation. Finally all of these advantages lead to decreased repair and maintenance costs.”

Valued partnership

20 years ago the first Groeneveld systems were taken into operation at McCarthy Transport. A predecessor of the SingleLine system was installed on a Scania truck. This long-standing partnership underlines Groeneveld’s efforts of being a reliable partner for their customers. “At Groeneveld we take much pride in being the preferred supplier of automatic lubrication systems for McCarthy Transport for such a long period” concludes Mr. Rex Wansbrough, Area Sales Manager Lower North Island at Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions New Zealand.

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Latest Hino HPMV truck and trailer fitted with the Groeneveld SingleLine on Axles - and Ram Systems.

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