McIntosh & Son Dalby: nothing beats Groeneveld lube systems

Established in 1955, McIntosh & Son is a leading Australian machinery dealership specializing in agricultural, construction and grounds care equipment. As the Australian distributor of Miller Nitro self-propelled sprayers, McIntosh & Son recognize the positive impact of the automatic lube systems of Groeneveld on the overall equipment condition.

The McIntosh & Son service team has over 100 professionals, including technicians, auto electricians, fabricators and apprentices who aim to deliver the best service to everyone and keep farm, agricultural and construction machinery or equipment in optimal condition. In addition, McIntosh & Son has a fleet of more than 60 field service vehicles ready to respond quickly to assist their clients on location. At the Dalby location, Groeneveld automatic lubrication systems are installed to every Miller Nitro Sprayer. The reason is level headed, “We see the machines that are traded, fitted with Groeneveld auto grease systems have much less wear than machines that are not fitted with a greasing system. This equates to less cost to refurbish second hand sprayers.” Mr David Fraser, Dealer Principal of the Dalby location.

Superb Support

The product quality of the Groeneveld systems is not the only reason for choosing Groeneveld, Mr Fraser emphasises, “The co-operation with Groeneveld is second to none. We are impressed by Groeneveld’s prompt delivery of quotes and products. As well as by their professional installation and aftersales service. Dealing with the Groeneveld Brisbane office is always a pleasure. We appreciate the effective communication and efforts to keep end-users happy and satisfied with every step in the sales and installation process. Being specialised in the Miller Nitro Sprayer, we know, nothing beats Groeneveld for quality and efficiency when it comes to automatic lubrication.”

Proud on the strong relationship

“We serve customers by creating and delivering innovative solutions, adding value to their bottom lines and to forge long term, sustainable and strong partnerships. The strong relationship between McIntosh & Son and Groeneveld proves that. We’re taking pride in that fact.” States, Michael Gracie, Managing Director.


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