Merlo Poland consciously chooses Groeneveld

At the Agrotech exhibition held in Kielce, Poland, Merlo presented the new Multifarmer MF 40.7 CS, equipped with the SingleLine autolube system from Groeneveld. Merlo is a class-leading manufacturer of telescopic handlers. Thanks to their innovative technical solutions and high quality products, Merlo offers telescopic handlers of the highest quality for use in the agricultural market. In 2015 the company has sold 6,000 telescopic handlers.

SingleLine: the best you can get

“Back in 1964 Merlo was founded as a telescopic handler manufacturer. We’re present on the Polish market since 2012. High quality and reliability are paramount for us. Therefore we only work with the best suppliers. Thanks to our cooperation with Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions, we know that we can count on the highest quality automatic lubrication systems. The SingleLine system is distinguished by its solid construction, easy installation and ease of use.” Says Mr. Miroslaw Wrobel, General Manager Merlo Poland.

Extended lifetime of crucial components

“With the SingleLine, downtime as a result of lubrication related failures are limited to a minimum. The service life of expensive parts, like the pins and bushings, is significantly prolonged. Each SingleLine is equipped with a follower plate, preventing ageing of the grease as a result of oxidation and allowing the use of biodegradable grease. Besides that, the reservoir wall remains clean, allowing visual inspection of the grease level. The use of the SingleLine automatic lubrication system allows us to fight corrosion effectively and makes our machines more environmentally friendly, which is very important in the agricultural sector.” Concludes Mr. Miroslaw Wrobel.


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