Milk transport by Southern Milk Transport (NZ) runs smoothly

Drinking milk in the morning, most inhabitants of New Zealand will do it without giving a single thought to the supply chain. Nevertheless, the supply chain from farmer to kitchen is long and complicated. Transporting companies play a vital part in this journey. For the Southern Island, Southern Milk Transport collects raw milk from various suppliers throughout Otago and Southland for a milk processing site in Awarua, New Zealand. From that site, their products find their way all over the Southern Island. Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions New Zealand plays an important role in keeping the trucks of Southern Milk Transport rolling.

“Collecting milk is what we do. It is our business to bring the raw milk from farmers to a processing site in Awarua. Milk collection in southland involves a harsh environment including a considerable amount of metal road work, constant greasing of trucks and trailers is the only way of minimising suspension wear and tear,” thus Mr. Brett Hamilton, Transport Manager at Southern Milk Transport. “We have 21 transporting combinations. Uptime is crucial, as every single combination has a number of suppliers to visit. Unplanned downtime means that we have to convert our whole transport schedule. Moreover, that influences the processing of the milk at the Awarua site, with eventually costly consequences. Therefore, because of the short linkages in the supply chain, keeping our trucks rolling is of the highest importance. And the automatic greasing systems of Groeneveld play an important role for that aim.”

Clear benefits of automatic greasing

A Groeneveld automatic lubrication system offers a vast amount of advantages: manual lubrication is unnecessary as lubrication takes place during operation and with a short interval. Therefore, all the lubrication points will have a film of grease, always. Mr. Hamilton emphasizes the advantages: “Our servicing downtime is reduced and the service interval could be increased. Components maintained by the greasing system have never been replaced. Overall, the Groeneveld systems reduce our operational costs whilst improving our uptime. We started with the autolube systems and grease of Groeneveld six years ago. One of the reasons of choosing Groeneveld was to see the systems working in the diesel repair industry, were I have worked before joining Southern Milk Transport. So, it was not a surprise to see the systems doing a good job.”

Strong local presence in New Zealand

“Groeneveld is a company with a global reach and a strong local presence. We are active in New Zealand for decades already. So, we understand the demands of our customers in the transport, mining, earthmoving, agricultural and port equipment sectors. By improving uptime of trucks, trailers and other equipment while reducing costs, we simply add value to customers bottom line.” Adds Richard Johnston, Sales Area Manager at Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions New Zealand.

Southern Milk Transport.jpgA truck and trailer of Southern Milk Transport.