Next Rental exclusively chooses Groeneveld

During the TKD exhibition, held in Almere in May this year, it was the talk of the town: the former owners of the rental company Rental Force just founded once again a company specialized in renting earthmoving machines. Company name: Next Rental. At this moment the rental fleet features 14 machines, all equipped with Groeneveld autolube systems. The most recent order is the installation of a Groeneveld Twin automatic lubrication system on a recently bought Hitachi crawled excavator ZX 210.

Convinced by experience

The choice for Groeneveld as the automatic lubrication supplier was made quickly. Director Chiel Brandenburg: “Back in time, working for Rental Force, I had made a competitor analysis. Groeneveld simply turned to be the best supplier, both regarding purchasing and eventually servicing. Preparation was done, so to say. Furthermore, the relation with the contact person of Groeneveld was and still is excellent. In my opinion, Groeneveld is a very open and level headed organisation with a work hard culture. That suits me and perfectly fits in our philosophy.


Ambition in line with market development

Next Rental has the ambition to gain as fast as possible a rental fleet of 100 machines. The Netherlands is the main operations area, with a growing interest from the Belgium market. At the end of 2017 the ambition must be achieved. In their own words and ambition, completely in line with the developments in the market: the focus from companies is switching from machine owning to machine usage. By finding the right balance between purchasing and renting, a company is more flexible, agile and able to compete on a higher level.

Making the right decisions based on a development plan

Next Rental has developed a proven method. Director Linda de Groot: “We strive to bringing our rental quality to the next level, name it a kind of consultancy. We support companies with a smart and right machine usage, based on objective and transparent calculations. Consecutively we make an overview of the current machine fleet, identify the number of operating hours per machine, take a look to the fuel and insurance costs and take a look at the set goals of the company. Finally, we come to a tailor made development plan with a good balance between purchasing and rental. Based on this, Next Rental advises the customer. In the demolition sector, a lot of companies are renting machines for special purposes. We’ve notified that companies active in earthmoving and construction are a bit cautious, still we see a clear shift.

Modern rental fleet “CSR proof”

Next Rental owns a complete and modern rental fleet featuring multiple crawled excavators and wheel loaders, all equipped with the newest technical improvements and options. There has been deliberately chosen for machines with Tier 4 final engines. Meaning they’re ‘clean’ and have a favorable fuel consumption. First of all, it’s beneficially for the customer involved, who is able to save costs. But, that’s not all: Chiel Brandenburg and Linda de Groot really care about their Corporate Social Responsibility. Naturally, this effects their equipment purchasing. That’s why they are considering to buy hybrid machines for their rental fleet on short terms.

Groeneveld Twin automatic lubrication system

All the Next Rental machines are equipped with the 8 kg version of the twin parallel lubrication system. Twin automatic lubrication keeps the machines in a perfect condition. Often, the system is applied to machines that are frequently working under demanding circumstances. Twin guarantees that all the lubrication points will receive grease, on a frequent basis, so downtime caused by lubrication related failures will be minimized. This advanced autolube system greases every lubrication point conscientiously, monitors itselfs and informs the operator in case of eventually failures.

The Twin NLGI class 2 grease system is a fully monitored automatic lubrication system, consisting of a pump, main line network to the distribution blocks with metering units and a secondary line network to the lubrication points. By means of a switch the most convenient lubrication interval for the given application can be selected. Via the primary lines, the grease is transferred to the distribution blocks. The pump switches off automatically when the pressure in all of the metering units reaches 100 bar. Thanks to this full lubrication effect even the remote lubrication point will receive the preset amount of grease.

As a standard the pump is equipped with a follower plate, who follow the grease level in the reservoir. This prevents oxidation of the grease and the funneling effect, while at the same time the reservoir wall remains clean. Allowing visually checking the grease level. Thanks to the follower plate, Twin is perfectly suited for the use of bio degradable greases.

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