Silverstrand New Zealand enhances uptime with Groeneveld

Based in Wellington, the construction company Silverstrand New Zealand specialises in drainage, bulk earthworks and concrete works. For the last three months, Silverstrand is experiencing the benefits of the automatic lubrication systems of Groeneveld. “We have the Groeneveld Twin autolube system on 10 of our excavators and have found a huge increase in productivity with our fleet, due to the decrease in time it takes to grease the machines manually,” says Shane Hartin, Project Manager at Silverstrand NZ.

Silverstrand Developments (SSD) is a privately owned building and civil construction company that has been in operation in Australia since 2008. Since 2016, the company is active in New Zealand as well. Silverstrand offers project management, design, engineering, procurement and construction services for numerous sectors. They look continuously for ways to improve their efficiency. That is why Silverstrand opted for Groeneveld automatic greasing systems three months ago. “Silverstrand have found the Groeneveld Twin automatic greasing system an excellent product. We have the Twin system on ten of our excavators and experience a huge increase in productivity with our fleet due to the decrease in time it takes to grease the machines manually. The automatic lubrication system ensures that all lubrication points of the excavator are fully greased. Moreover, it requires less supervision from our plant department. It also has huge environmental advantages, with having less issues on disposing the cartridges of a conventional system. We will definitely be using the Groeneveld auto grease system for any future plant that we add to our fleet,” says Mr. Hartin about the advantages of the automatic lubrication system, “At this moment our excavators are deployed in the Transmission Gully Project, for constructing a 27 km four-lane motorway from MacKays to Linden.”

Excellent return on investment

“At Groeneveld we take pride in delivering products which offer huge advantages for the customer. Of course, an initial investment has to be made. However, the return on investment is excellent. For an excavator we’re sure that the Twin system will easily pay itself back within two years. Beside an increased uptime by eliminating the manual greasing, automatically lubrication is way better than manually. That’s why lifetime of critical components, such as pins and bushings, will be extended up to three times. Preventing costly breakdowns, repairs and a decreased uptime,” adds Rex Wansbrough, Area Sales Manager Lower North Island of Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions.

Twin automatic lubrication system

On all the ten excavators of Silverstrand, the Twin lubrication system is installed. The Twin system is developed specifically for heavy duty machinery with long line lengths and many lubrication points. The system provides an optimum sealing and lubrication of all greasing points, regardless of extreme ambient temperatures. The reservoir with follower plate enables the use of biodegradable greases. A huge benefit for Silverstrand, that tries to reduce the environmental impact of their operation as much as possible.


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