Smooth operations for City of Stirling

Automatic lubrication plays an important role for many companies all over the globe because all over the world one challenge seems to be the same: how to get as many vehicles and equipment on the road to get the job done, while reducing maintenance, repair costs and down time? Government bodies are no different and face these challenges also. That is why local council, The City of Stirling in Western Australia use Groeneveld systems to deal with this challenge.

The City of Stirling is a local government council in Western Australia with a population of over 223,000 and a rich, diverse landscape covering approximately 104 square kilometres comprising of 30 suburbs. Among several main responsibilities of a council, waste collecting and street cleaning are within some of the major ones. To accommodate to these responsibilities the City of Stirling have a  combined fleet of more than 25 waste collecting trucks and road sweepers and recently received a delivery of ten waste trucks and road sweepers, all fitted with Groeneveld’s SingleLine, autolube system.

Better Lubrication, Less Burden

The relationship between Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions Australia and City of Stirling is fairly new. However, in a few months the benefits of Groeneveld’s service and systems have started to become clear: more time available for the real job and the certainty of proper lubrication. Phill Crabbe, Coordinator Strategic Development Waste and Fleet at City of Stirling comments: “I was especially impressed by how promptly Groeneveld were in contact with us after the supply and install of their systems. We look forward to growing the relationship between The City of Stirling and Groeneveld. We are now also considering the installation of Greensight safety support systems on our trucks.” The City of Stirling also anticipates that they will see some cost savings in the future with reduced costs on parts and components, needing to be replaced less frequently.

Automatic Lubricates Better

“With automatic lubrication, grease is applied in small quantities with short intervals, hence, the grease spreads out better over the surface that has to be lubricated. This results in a collar of grease, which keeps out dirt, dust and water, all contaminates that can be disastrous for the quality of the grease. The film of grease between the moving parts also prevents metallic contact. These factors combined, make a huge impact on the technical lifetime of crucial components,” emphasises Jim Herewini, Sales Area Manager at Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions. 


One of the trucks equipped with the SingleLine automatic lubrication system.

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