Strong relationship between Volvo Buses and Groeneveld

The Dutch family company Groeneveld produces, among others, the Oilmaster, a popular oil level management system. The customers of Volvo Buses often opt for the Groeneveld Oilmaster. For good reasons, as the Oilmaster eliminates daily oil level checks and top ups. Improving the daily efficiency of operators all over the globe.

“The main reason for Volvo Buses to offer the Groeneveld Oilmaster ex-factory is the reduction of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) achieved with the system. In addition, factory fitment is more efficient compared to aftermarket installation,” Explains Bas Dubois, Director France & Benelux at Volvo Bus Corporation. “The Oilmaster simply offers us a reduction of repair and maintenance costs. Many Volvo buses sold with a repair and maintenance contract are equipped with the Oilmaster. Giving a clear indication that the Volvo Bus organisation is fully convinced of the benefits of Groeneveld’s Oilmaster. The Volvo buses equipped with the Oilmaster find their way around the globe. The ongoing delivery of over 300 buses to Hong Kong and other Far East countries, additionally delivery to the UK of 500 buses plus many of the European countries underlines the development of the working relationship between our two companies.”

Long standing relationship

“The first Oilmaster test-fit on a Volvo was done back in 2002. Since then, Groeneveld evolved into a first tier supplier of Volvo Bus. Almost 1,000 Volvo buses are equipped ex-factory with the Oilmaster in 2016,” says Johan Bood, Sales Director Bus Applications of Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions. “Back in the days, the Oilmaster was installed with an external sensor for measuring the oil level, nowadays it’s fully integrated. At Groeneveld, we take pride in the fact that Volvo Bus offers the Oilmaster ex-factory. It’s a huge acknowledgement of the Groeneveld product and process quality. Recently, our manufacturing operations in Italy received the ISO/TS 16949 certificate of quality. That shows that we take product and process quality very seriously.”


Mr. Bas Dubois, Director France Benelux of Volvo Bus Corporation, shows the advanced Volvo Oilmaster.


The long-standing relationship and co-development activities between Volvo Buses and Groeneveld, have resulted in an integrated solution, where the Oilmaster is entirely developed according to Volvo standards and requirements. A dedicated Oilmaster was developed with 6 litre nylon reservoir, CAN-bus connection to the Volvo diagnostic system plus USB-connectivity. The oil management system is fully integrated in the design and communicates with the vehicle’s electronic system. “By offering the Oilmaster as a Volvo-engineered ex-factory option, we offer a reliable oil management solution to our customers for improving efficiency and uptime”, comments Bas Dubois.

The benefits of Oilmaster

With an Oilmaster, daily oil level checks are no longer needed. When the oil is below the set level, the Groeneveld oil management system automatically tops-up the engine oil from its integrated reservoir. The oil level is monitored automatically according to engine-specific settings and protocol, there is always the optimum oil level in the engine, with the correct specification. The Oilmaster also avoids overfilling, which can cause excessive oil and fuel consumption and serious damage of the expensive exhaust gas after-treatment system. The benefits are clear: decreased cost of operation and increased bus availability.