T George saves time and money with Groeneveld

T George LTD is a company active in the field of forestry roading and forestry land preparation. Owned by Mr. Tim George, the company has established vast knowledge since the founding of the company 27 years ago. The company is saving a lot of time with the automatic lubrication systems from Groeneveld.

“We’re working in forests deep within New Zealand’s South Island. With such a wide stretched service area, it’s key to have the highest uptime of all equipment and staff possible. Against this background, manual greasing is an absolute no-go. For example, our backhoe loader has 56 greasing points, which need lubrication on a daily basis. This would mean a significant reduction of the working time. Plus, an operator needs to remember where all lubrication points are located, it’s easy to forget one. If you forget a lubrication point one day, do you think that the operator remembers the location the next day?” Says Mr. George, owner of T George LTD.

Advantages are clear

“It’s quite simple, just by saving time, the purchase of a Groeneveld autolube system can be justified. But besides this great advantage I see more significant benefits. The quality of the greasing is way better compared to manual lubrication. And we don’t have to bring a lot of additional grease with us to the remote areas where we’re operating. Because the amount of grease in the reservoir is sufficient to cover the service intervals. Also the mechanical lifetime of our machines and trucks is extended by the application of the Groeneveld systems” adds Mr. George.

Groeneveld quality and service

Mr. George underlines the high quality of both the Groeneveld products and services. “Since the purchase of the first Groeneveld system, I didn’t run into a single major failure. This is a testimony for the quality of the products as well as for the installation. The only maintenance or repair that has to be done was very occasionally, a branch may fall from the machine and break a grease line. Our experience with Groeneveld staff is second to none, they’re very friendly and willing to really help us out. This is very important for our operational reliability.”

Long standing relationship

“T George uses Groeneveld products throughout their fleet. Our SingleLine autolube system is installed on their trucks and our Twin heavy duty system on earthmoving machinery. We take pride in the fact that we’re able to provide automatic greasing systems for such a wide variety of equipment.” Says Mr. Richard Johnston, Upper South Island Area Sales Manager at Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions, “We’re also proud on the long standing relationship we have built with Tim and his crew.

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