Trouble-free automatic lubrication at Goodman Contractors

At Goodman Contractors, based in New Zealand, it is all about getting the job done. That is why the automatic lubrication systems of Groeneveld are installed on their fleet. Operational reliability, less maintenance costs and improved safety are the most important arguments cited by this company, which was founded in 1963. “Regular and consistent greasing means less maintenance and reduces wear and tear” is the level headed argument of Mr. Graeme Duncan, Workshop Manager at Goodman Contractors.

Since its establishment in 1963, Goodman Contractors have developed into a well-known civil contractor. The company operates 185 machines and in addition 60 machines are hired. They also have 71 vehicles and light trucks, plus 43 hired. With this large fleet, Goodman Contractors is very active in the field of earthmoving and drainage.

Automatic greasing for all earthmoving machinery

“We have Groeneveld automatic greasing systems on all of our earthmoving machinery. In my opinion, the advantages are very clear because operators do not have to stop their machines for manual greasing and hence we have less downtime. With a Groeneveld auto greaser you can be sure of regular and consistent greasing, which leads to less maintenance and a reduction of wear and tear” cites Mr. Graeme Duncan, Workshop Manager at Goodman Contractors and “In addition, the use of Groeneveld systems reduces the safety issues as operators don’t have to climb into difficult places to grease.”


The Groeneveld Twin system installed on a CAT 637K wheel tractor-scraper.


The products of Groeneveld stands out because of their high quality. Therefore, the customer can be sure of years of trouble free operation. Mr. Duncan underlines this by stating that “We opt for automatic lubrication systems for Groeneveld because of the quality of the product. Until now, we didn’t have any hassle with the installed systems, which we are using since 2003.”

Automatic lubricates better

“With increased efficiency, reliability and uptime on the one hand and reduced maintenance costs and enhanced safety on the other, automatic lubrication offers great benefits” says Mr. Rex Wansbrough, Lower North Island Area Sales Manager of Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions, “Because lubrication takes place while the vehicle or machine is in motion, the grease spreads more evenly on the surface that needs to be lubricated. And you can be sure that all the components are greased on time and with the right amount of grease.”


Mr Rick Goodman (l), owner and director of Goodman Transport who has been a very strong advocate of Groeneveld's solutions, with David Armstrong (r), Director Business Development Asia Pacific of Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions.

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