Truck equipped with SingleLine as new after 1.2 million kilometres

Vary Agricultural Services, an Australian transport company, is well known for their outstanding, reliable and friendly service. They operate from Central New South Wales up to Central Queensland. For their operations, Vary use a combination of semi-trailers and body trucks. All automatically greased with Groeneveld’s SingleLine system.

TL & SF Vary Agricultural was founded 69 years ago by the grandfather of current director, Mr. Richard Vary. Initially they transported fuel drums around Queensland with only two employees. Today they operate with 12 semi-trailers and 3 body trucks, service within Queensland and New South Wales and have more than 20 employees. More recently they bought out a fertiliser business and continue to expand and grow within the agriculture industry.

Higher residual value

“Kenworth trucks are renowned for their long life-span and high reliability, however, even the very best trucks cannot operate without maintenance and certainly not without effective lubrication. Manual lubrication is simply not a serious option for us with so many lubrication points and their different grease requirements on kingpins, fifth wheels and drum brakes. With the SingleLine system, I know all components are being greased well and accurately in contrast to manual greasing. Besides that, we have a greater uptime as the trucks are not spending extra time in workshops. This was proven during a recent inspection carried out on a Kenworth truck, prior to selling. All the greased components of the truck, which had run 1.2 million kilometres, were as new. Resulting in a significant higher residual value,” claims Mr Richard Vary.

Bottom line

“That’s what it’s all about at Groeneveld: adding value to the customer’s bottom line. A higher residual value of the truck is a good example of our goal,” says Steve Danyluk, Area Sales Manager at Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions. “The investment of a SingleLine system will pay itself back within two and half years. After that ROI period, the system will make money for you. In short, the SingleLine system is extremely reliable. Together with our local presence, it’s the main reason why TL & SF Vary Agricultural Services have been using Groeneveld systems for more than 12 years already.”

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