Groenevelds uptime enhancing and cost reducing systems at Intermat 2015

Saturday 4 July 2015

Groeneveld Group - a global leader in automatic greasing systems, Oilmaster oil management devices and Greensight safety support systems – has a prominent position at the Intermat 2015. The group displays its products in Hall 5b, at stand number 001. The company experiences an ever growing demand for its products from the construction and earthmoving world, both in the after-market and in OEM-sales. And for good reasons, as Groeneveld products enhance efficiency and uptime.

Growing demand for Automatic Greasing Systems

Lower repair and maintenance cost and increased machine uptime are only a few of the customer benefits that drive the growing popularity of automatic greasing systems worldwide. Groeneveld Group experiences a fast growing demand for their automatic greasing systems from the construction, earthmoving, quarry and mining industry. Ever more machines are equipped with the unique Groeneveld dual-line Twin-3 heavy duty automatic greasing system, installed in the after-market or supplied as an ex-factory option by leading OEM’s, including Volvo, JCB, Bell and Komatsu. And for good reasons. More and more companies recognize the benefits of automatic greasing systems in general and of the unique Groeneveld Twin-3 dual line system in particular.

EcoPlus automatic greasing system

EcoPlus is the name of a newly developed automatic lubrication pump for NLGI 2 progressive systems, combining a compact design with a unique 1.7 litre grease cartridge for easy refill. Other product features include accurate, viscosity-independent grease supply over a wide temperature range, easy programming with touch pads and LCD display and 3 years warranty as it comes with Groeneveld quality as a standard too.

Oilmaster oil management system

In addition to its broad range of automatic greasing systems Groeneveld also shows the Oilmaster, an automatic oil management system, which keeps the oil level in combustion at exactly the right level. “This system is commonly used in the bus world, where there is no time for proper oil maintenance. But nowadays we see that Oilmaster is more and more used on other equipment, including automatic guided vehicles in port operations, on generators and on construction equipment. Wherever installed the benefits are the same: no manual oil check, less oil consumption, no break down due to a too low oil level, no refill by the driver needed and insight in the oil consumption of the engine”, comments Eric Fernandez, Managing Director of Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions France.


Whatever the operating, safety is key. Mostly accidents are small, e.g. riding down an unseen barrel behind the machine. These kind of accidents not only cost the replacement of the barrel including contents and repair of the machine but also administrative work, insurance costs and downtime for the machine in case and for all of the machines next in the chain. When a small accident already causes these kind of problems, imagine what a big accident will do. Greensight, Groeneveld’s well-known ultrasonic safety support system, with or without camera systems, improves the safety of the operation while offering additional comfort to the machine operator.

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