Groeneveld-BEKA in the heavy haulage industry

Groeneveld, which has been in the UK for almost 40 years, sells automatic lubrication systems to clients in the truck, bus, construction and agricultural sectors. The value of multi-axle trailers – and the need to maximise their availability – means automatic greasing soon pays for itself. The cost of a trailer being out of service is immense. The initial purchase cost runs into hundreds of thousands, so it has got to be running, and it has got to be available as much of the time as possible.

Some specialist trailer manufacturers, including Nooteboom, Faymonville and Goldhofer, offer automatic greasing systems as a factory fit option, but Groeneveld also works in the aftermarket, Allelys Group operate in the general haulage sector but specialise in Heavy Haulage operations with a dedicated fleet of 20 trailers including Nooteboom, Goldhoffer and Kassbohrer low loader trailers. Allelys fleet also contains 15 Heavy Haulage tractor units, DAF, MAN and Mercedes. The general haulage fleet is 25 DAF tractor units and 50 Tri-axle trailers.

Director Rob Allely explained the he has been installing Groeneveld Lubrication system to all equipment for over 30 years. “The Groeneveld Lubrication system has always been the most reliable of all the systems we have tried and is now our company standard for all specifications within our fleet. We know that if we install a Groeneveld system we can rely on that system to grease all the points on our vehicles and equipment whilst being in operation ensuring the optimum amount and type of grease is delivered consistently to guarantee effective maintenance automatically.”

“Groeneveld systems have many other benefits to our operations, they provide ease of maintenance ensure reliability and longevity of our fleet which in turn allows us to maximise the availability of our fleet, we can deliver a consistent service to our customers”.

Rob agrees Groeneveld automatic greasing system helps to ensure the machinery is always in optimum condition: “We know they look after their trailers really well, but we can help them reduce their maintenance costs and make sure the trailer is looked after better than they think it can be.”

 A greasing cycle can be triggered in one of two ways: either by setting a timer or by setting a brake counter, which means the period between grease cycles is governed by the service of the vehicle. Whichever option is chosen, when the timer or counter reaches its setting, the pump is energised and will initiate a full grease cycle. A key aspect of the system is that the grease is applied while the trailer is moving.

Rob concludes “When it’s in the workshop being manually greased, there is static load on the pins and bearings. Under that amount of pressure it’s difficult to get the grease everywhere; it tends to only go to one spot, near the grease nipple. But when the grease is applied while the machine is moving, you get an even film. At Allelys we would always recommend Groeneveld Automatic lubrication systems are included on all our fleet.”

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