Groeneveld appoints distributor for North East and Eastern China

Wednesday 20 May 2015

Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions from the Netherlands, specialized in high-end automatic lubrication and oil management systems, as well as in safety support devices, has appointed Shanghai JF Industrial Technologies Ltd. as distributor for the important North East and Eastern China regions. “Together with the team of Groeneveld China, SJF will play an important role in strengthening Groeneveld’s presence in China, where we see a growing demand for our products”, commented Henk Groeneveld, president & CEO of Groeneveld Group, when signing the distributor agreement with James Liu, Managing Director and owner of SJF Industrial Technologies.


Henk Groeneveld, president & CEO Groeneveld Group (r), James Liu, Managing Director and owner or SJF Industrial solutions and Ron den Engelsen (l), Board of Management Groeneveld Group, at the signing of the distributor agreement.

As a sister company of Winner Engineering, SJF can benefit from the vast experience in industrial lubrication systems and sealing solutions. Being part of a group of companies with over 115 staff at 7 locations in Eastern and North-East China, including two manufacturing sites in Shanghai, the company offers a solid partner for Groeneveld. Founded in the nineties and grown sustainably since, James Liu’s group of companies offer the commercial and technical skills and knowledge to best support Groeneveld end-customers as well as OEM’s and dealers of original equipment manufacturers.

Quality solutions

“The acceptance of high-end quality products and solutions is growing rapidly in the Chinese market. We have seen this with the industrial lubrication solutions from Woerner, as with the sealing products James Walker. And we are confident that the quality products of Groeneveld will proof their value in many segments in the Chinese market as well”, says James Liu. The successful Chinese entrepreneur sees great opportunities for the solutions from Groeneveld: “Groeneveld products proof their value all over the world. On trucks and trailers, in construction and mining equipment, in the agricultural market, in Ports and in railway and railway maintenance. Basically Groeneveld lubrication and oil management systems offer dedicated lubrication solutions on all kind of machines with wheels or tracks. With increased efficiency, reliability and uptime on the one hand, and reduced maintenance costs on the other, we are convinced that the Chinese market is ready for the high-end products that Groeneveld offers.”

Supporting local customers

Together with the dedicated team of Groeneveld China, SJF Industrial Technologies Ltd. sees it as its prime responsibility and first priority to offer class-leading support to existing customers in China, both end-customers and OEMs and their dealers. Being active in China for a number of years already, the company has some major international and local manufactures in its customer base, most of them in the construction, mining and port equipment segments. In addition, however, SJF will also focus on growing the customer base for Groeneveld products soonest. “I personally visited the central offices of Groeneveld in Gorinchem, the Netherlands, the factory in Italy and the central office and logistics hub for North America in Milton, Canada, and I am convinced of the quality of the product and the organization of Groeneveld. Together with the power and market knowledge of our organization, I am convinced that we will be able grow the presence of Groeneveld in China rapidly and sustainably”, underlined James Liu, who sees valuable synergies with his other companies, Winner Engineering and the Sealing Products of James Walker.

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