U&M Mining chooses Groeneveld for efficiency

Thursday 2 November 2017

With over 600 pieces of earthmoving equipment, U&M Mineração e Construção S/A, operates the largest contract mining fleet of heavy equipment in Brazil and is active in mining and other earthmoving operations throughout the country and abroad. U&M is the only Brazilian mining contractor to provide mining services with off-road trucks of 100, 200 and 300 tons, 100 ton bulldozers and 120, 250 and 550 ton excavators. With safety and efficiency as main objectives, U&M has chosen Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions as a key supplier of automatic lubrication systems for its fleet. “We are convinced of the unique quality of the Groeneveld product and the commitment of the organization, which just like us give customer satisfaction the highest priority”, U&M’s President Sergio Machado commented when signing the supply agreement.

U&M Mineração e Construção S/A is a Brazilian family company with over 40 years of experience in earthmoving, mainly in mining and bulk earthmoving operations. Combining major investments in advanced technology, equipment and a highly motivated and skilled team, the company has earned a prominent position in the earthmoving market in Brazil. U&M operates the largest contract mining fleet of extra-heavy equipment in the country. Hitachi EX1200, EX2500 and EX5500 Hydraulic Excavators, and  100, 200 and 300 ton Cat and Komatsu off-road trucks, enables the company to handle over 400 million tons of material per year. This infrastructure, combined with effective planning and a strong focus on safety and quality, with respect for the environment, is U&M’s solution for the implementation and operation of open-pit mines, both in hard and soft-rock mining. The impressive operation, mostly in remote areas, is managed in the most efficient way from the modern U&M headquarters in Matias Barbosa (MG), a few hours’ drive North of Rio de Janeiro. 

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From left to right: Ron den Engelsen (CCO, Groeneveld), Luciana Neves (Purchasing and Logistics director, U&M), Sergio Machado (President, U&M) en Rogério Fuzaro (National Sales Manager, Groeneveld Brazil).

U&M company culture

Quality and safety, together with care for people and planet, are crucial elements in the business ethics of this family company. To secure the highest quality throughout the organization, like Groeneveld, U&M is certified ISO 9001, 14.001 and OHSAS 18001 and applies Six Sigma principles. When visiting the central workshop in Matias Barbosa, where main components and complete machines are being refurbished, it becomes clear how well and lean the company is organized. And when visiting the website www.uem.com.br, the core values and focus of the largest mining contractor in Brazil stand out. Safety, first and foremost is listed number one under company culture. This explains why the first product that Groeneveld supplied to U&M was its Greensight ultrasonic obstacle detection system for a large number of rigid dump trucks, to substantially enhance safety and provide comfort and security to the operators. And in addition to other core principles of U&M for adding value to the customers’ operation, cost-control and reliability are crucial. This is where Groeneveld’s lubrication solutions offer the answer to the need for reduced repair and maintenance costs and enhanced machine uptime and availability.

Twin dual-line greasing system

In order to supply the right lubrication solution for each and every application, Groeneveld – recently acquired by the American Timken bearing manufacturer, has a broad range of lubrication systems, from small single line systems up to the unique dual-line Twin system for the most demanding applications with long grease lines and large amounts of greasing points. Available with reservoirs from 3 kilo, through 4, 8, 20 and even 40 kilo, up to the largest pumps for 200 litre barrels, Twin offers the perfect solution for the mining industry, where reliability is the number one priority.
“We have experience with different brands of automatic lubrication systems, but the features and benefits of the Groeneveld Twin dual-line system are second to none. We have compared Twin with other products, tested it in practice, and are convinced of the value added for our heavy duty equipment in the demanding mining operation”, Purchasing and Logistics director Luciana Neves explains. “Our commitment to provide our customers a reliable mining operation at the lowest possible cost, requires prime focus on efficiency of the operation. We therefore keep our fleet in perfect condition at all time. Automatic lubrication provides longer life of critical components such and pins and bushes, resulting in less repair and maintenance cost and most and for all less downtime. And that’s crucial in mining operations, where continuity, together with safety, has the highest priority.”

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Dedicated local organization

“We also value the fact that Groeneveld has its own dedicated organization in Brazil, with spare parts at hand when required. Like our customers rely on our people and organization, we rely on our suppliers and their organization and commitment”, Sergio Machado underlines.
To support U&M and other customers in Brazil, large or small, end-users as well as OEMs and equipment dealers, Groeneveld has its own subsidiary in Jundiaí (SP), with a fully equipped workshop and warehouse from where parts and ready-to-install kits are supplied throughout the country. Well trained customer support technicians are available to install and maintain the systems at the customer. “We have recruited and trained technicians in the major mining areas, to optimally support our customers in this demanding industry. We are fully committed to provide our customers the best possible technical support, in order to help them optimizing their operation”, concludes Ron den Engelsen, CCO of Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions.

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