Visit Groeneveld at the TOC Europe, booth E42

Monday 12 June 2017

At the TOC Europe, June 27-29, Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions will showcase their efficiency improving and cost reducing systems for port applications at stand number E42. A prominent place will be reserved for the Twin heavy-duty automatic lubrication system. Paying a visit to the Groeneveld booth E43, will be the fastest way to discover the huge benefits of automatic lubrication and oil management and safety support systems for your company. The Groeneveld representatives are experienced consultants with a proven track record in the port equipment industry. They will advise the right system for any application.

The range of Groeneveld lubrication systems is extensive and the Twin is the leading edge solution. The Twin system offers a superior solution for larger port equipment. The system works under relatively low pressure, which retains the structure – and therefore the quality – of the grease. Furthermore, the dual-line system with its patented metering units ensures that all lubrication points are always optimally lubricated. This is realised due to precise metering and lubrication intervals and can even be done with extreme ambient temperatures and with large distances between the pump and lubrication point. This makes the system highly suitable for larger equipment such as stacking machines, ship-to-shore cranes, but also for mobile equipment like empty container handlers and reach stackers. For medium-sized machines, a Twin system with a pump capacity of between 3 and 8 litres will do the trick, but for larger equipment, Groeneveld also offers an XL model with a capacity of 18 litres. And for the largest port equipment, a barrel pump is available for up to 200 litre drums.

VDL TOC 2017 2c2.jpg

Impression of the Groeneveld booth.

Reduce risks and enhance safety with Greensight

Another Groeneveld product increasingly being used in the field of port equipment is Greensight, a safety support system that hugely boosts safety around the machine or vehicle. Greensight gives the driver or operator accurate and reliable information regarding the free space around the machine or vehicle. Ultrasound sensors scan an area of up to nine meters behind the machine or vehicle. This space is divided into three zones, each with an individual visual and acoustic alarm. A display is installed in the cabin that emits both auditory and light (LED) signals to warn the driver or operator. The system can also be extended with one or more Groeneveld CMOS cameras with a monitor in the cabin.

Oilmaster keeps growing in popularity

For many years, Groeneveld supplies the Oilmaster for combustion engines in port equipment, buses, trucks, generator sets, and many other applications. The Oilmaster ensures that there will always be sufficient oil in the engine. The greatest benefit of this is the increased operational reliability by reducing the risk of engine damage caused by a too low or too high oil level. In addition, the system prevents overfilling, which could lead to damaging the expensive exhaust gas after treatment system.

About Groeneveld

Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions is a major global supplier of automatic lubrication for both the aftermarket and for ex-factory assembly at leading edge OEMs. Ongoing commitment with providing unique products and excellent service for many decades reflects in a continuous growth in demand for Groeneveld autolube systems. Terminal operators all over the world use Groeneveld systems for improving uptime and reducing maintenance, repair and costs.

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