Visit us at the South Island Agricultural Field Days (New Zealand)

Thursday 16 March 2017

Groeneveld cordially invites you to join us during the South Island Agricultural Field Days at site 690, in Kirwee from 29 - 31 March 2017. We look forward meeting you and showing our autolube systems for the agricultural world. A prominent place will be reserved for the unique Twin dual-line lubrication system, which particularly offers significant benefits for the automatic lubrication of larger agricultural equipment. In addition, Groeneveld will be showcasing the recently launched EcoPlus.

Automatic lubrication for agricultural machines

Thanks to our extensive range of autolube systems, we can offer the perfect solution for every application. Our heavy duty dual-line Twin system is perfectly suited for the most demanding agricultural applications with long line lengths and numerous lubrication points. The XS and EcoPlus are specially designed for smaller applications with maximum 19 and 30 lubrication points. Featuring a cartridge concept, giving you the certainty that always the right type of grease will be used.

Significant advantages

Using a Groeneveld autolube system will save many hours of manual greasing, while the operation does not have to be interrupted for greasing. Together with the extended life of crucial components, this makes an automatic lubrication system pay-off in no time. In addition, automatic lubrication also means that no maintenance staff is required near the machine, in the operations area. This makes a Groeneveld automatic lubrication system a smart investment in uptime, efficiency, productivity and safety.

Groeneveld greases

For perfect lubrication and years of trouble free operation, we offer also the right type of grease for every application, including agricultural. We deliver several grease types for use in our automatic greasing systems. Using Greenlube will boost the positive effect of a Groeneveld automatic lubrication system.

Heading towards the next level

“We want to grow and further strengthen our New Zealand sales and service teams. Currently we have 5 sites across both islands and are actively planning to increase our resources even more as we are committed in a long term manner to service the entire New Zealand market.” David Armstrong, Business Development Director Asia Pacific, states. “We are proud to be in New Zealand for 22 years already and strongly believe in its future and are continually finding ways to become more localized with a strong emphasis of a support network which will allow us to become even more dynamic and customer orientated. As we like to say in New Zealand, we are here to serve customers by creating and delivering innovative solutions, adding value to their bottom lines and to forge long term, sustainable and strong partnerships.”

Please come join us, see what is new and become better acquainted with the people who stand behind our products.

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