Automatic lubrication system for demolition hammers

Demolition hammers are used under the most extreme conditions. That is why a demolition hammer requires frequent and adequate lubrication in order to prevent premature wear and severe damage due to too heavy friction and high temperature. The BreakAlube is specifically developed for this purpose. This lubrication system is able to deal with the extreme operating conditions of a demolition hammer, guaranteeing a high operational reliability and long lifespan.

The main benefits at a glance

  • Significant reduced wear of the demolition hammer, resulting in a higher uptime and lower repair costs
  • A unique function of the BreakAlube is that the demolition hammer can be switched off automatically when an optimum lubrication cannot be guaranteed
  • Critical components are extra strong in order to be able to handle the extreme working conditions
  • Under- and overpressure detection with warning signal 
  • The follower plate ensures that all the grease in the reservoir is used, that the grease level is visible and that oxidation is prevented, so that the quality of the grease is preserved
  • Signaling of minimum grease level and empty reservoir via the in-cab display

The automatic lubrication system is activated automatically when the demolition hammer is activated. The lubrication point of the demolition hammer will get the exact set amount of grease, independent of the temperature and viscosity of the grease. The amount of grease provided is 0.2 cc minimum and 4 cc maximum and can be adjusted with small steps of 0.2 cc. At the maximum grease delivery the lubrication cycle will take 60 seconds.

Follower plate

The pump is equipped with a follower plate. As a result, all the grease is used and there will be no funneling effect. Moreover, the grease is isolated from the outside air, which will slow the ageing process. UV radiation has less effect, allowing the use of biodegradable grease. Last but not least, the reservoir wall will remain clean, making it easy to check the oil level visually.


The pump has an integrate electronic control unit, with memory bank and real-timer clock. Direct connection to the machine's CAN-bus is also possible.

System overview

The BreakAlube automatic lubrication system consists of the following components:

  1. An electric pump with integrated grease reservoir and control unit with database
  2. Grease line between pump and quick coupler
  3. Quick coupler
  4. Grease line between the quick coupler and the demolition hammer
  5. Electrical wiring harness
  6. Control light

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