MultiLine AXL

Designed for self install on light industrial applications

MultiLine AXL enables the use of automatic lubrication on conveyor belts, bearings, chains and gears where return on investment is challenging. The MultiLine AXL kit is ready to install by your own technicians. Eventual back-up is available from the Groeneveld offices all over the world; service is only a phone call away.

The main benefits at a glance

  • Designed for self install
    • All components in a box
    • All fittings are standard with  push-to-connect connectors
    • Lines are numbered
    • Lines are precut and grouped
  • Economic solution for efficient lubrication of light industrial applications such as conveyor belts
  • Reduces operational costs and increases efficiency
  • Waterproof and corrosion resistant

Learn more about the MultiLine AXL

Fill in the form to get in touch with Groeneveld about the MultiLine AXL. We will contact you as soon as possible.

The pre-loomed kit contains all the necessary items: injectors, tubing, connectors and adapters for complete installation. A layout drawing is supplied for easy installation. Approximately about one hour is needed to install pump and 15 minutes per lubrication point. The universal kit is easily adaptable to the machines number of lubrication points, by simply disconnecting the excess feed line and injector from the pump and replacing it with a spare blank plug supplied in the kit.

Working principle

From the integrated manifold, greasing lines go directly to the lubrication points. The timer activates the pump, which pumps the grease to the lubrication points. The amount of grease dispensed per pump activation and the number of pump activations per period are preset according to the grease demand of the conveyor belt.

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