NLGI-2 automatic lubrication system with cartridge

With the EcoPlus, Groeneveld offers an attractively priced automatic NLGI-2 lubrication system for numerous applications such as small wheel loaders, mini-excavators and skid steer loaders. The system can also be used for loader cranes or tail lifts. The unique cartridge concept makes replacing the cartridge particularly easy and it will ensure that you will always use grease of the correct specification and quality

Proven concept

The EcoPlus combines the proven concept of progressive lubrication with a modern pump that has extensive possibilities for settings and diagnoses via a user-friendly display. The reliable lubrication system is a perfect solution for smaller earth-moving, port and construction equipment. The closed system is insensitive to dust, dirt and water.

Compact system

The EcoPlus is compact and yet offers sufficient grease capacity. The 1.7-litre cartridge offers the right grease volume to meet lubrication needs and service intervals of modern compact machines. Optionally, a second lubrication circuit can be connected. The systems also features a manometer and a low-level indicator.

The main benefits at a glance

  • Accurate, pre-set viscosity independent grease delivery at all temperatures
  • Unique cartridge system for easy replacement
  • Closed system, insensitive to moisture, sand and dust
  • Grease dosing and lubrication interval can be programmed accurately
  • Integrated easy to operate timer
  • Corrosion resistant divider blocks of the highest quality


The EcoPlus is suitable for many applications. A number of possible applications are shown below. You are welcome to contact Groeneveld for tailored advice.


Customers all over the world about EcoPlus

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Easy to program

The easy to program timer with LCD display and integrated function buttons, makes setting up the system easy. Lubrication intervals can be set from 1 up to 300 minutes, while the grease volume is defined by the number of revolutions of the pump. Compared to conventional pre-set timed pumps, the big advantage is that the exact desired quantity of grease is always delivered regardless of the viscosity and temperature of the grease. The number of pump revolutions per lubrication cycle can be adjusted from 1 up to 99. Together with the forced stroke of the pump elements, this will ensure incomparable accuracy under all conditions.


Divider blocks

Groeneveld's progressive divider blocks stand out because of their unique quality and combination possibilities. This allows exactly the right system to be assembled for each and every application, where each lubrication point always receives the correct amount of grease. Not too little, preventing metallic contact (and causing disturbing sounds), excessive wear and unexpected downtime. And certainly not too much, because waste and environmental pollution have no place in a good business practice.
For its progressive systems, Groeneveld provides anti-corrosive divider blocks with a high quality zinc-nickel coating. This treatment withstands a 720-hour salt-spray test and thus offers the best possible protection against corrosion.

User-friendly cartridge concept

The EcoPlus features a unique 1.7-litre cartridge, containing Greenlube NLGI-2 grease of the highest quality and the right specification for the most demanding applications. The cartridge is easy to replace without getting dirty. Correct functioning of the system is verified through a manometer. Because the cartridge concept guarantees the use of the correct GreenLube grease, Groeneveld offers a 3-year warranty on the EcoPlus pump.


System overview

An EcoPlus automatic lubrication system consists of the following components:

  1. An electric pump (plunger pump) with integrated grease cartridge and display
  2. Primary grease lines between the pump and the divider blocks and between the main divider block and the other divider blocks
  3. Main divider block
  4. One or more divider blocks (composed of different dosing segments) with secondary lines to the individual lubrication points

Click here to go to the Groeneveld-BEKA Portal for extensive technical and commercial documentation.

Click here to go to the Groeneveld-BEKA Portal for extensive technical and commercial documentation.

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