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OnePlus automatic lubrication system


Progressive NLGI-2 automatic lubrication system

The OnePlus system combines the proven concept of progressive lubrication with a modern pump that can be programmed easily with two switches. Like all of Groeneveld's refillable lubrication systems, the OnePlus has a follower plate assuring that the grease in the reservoir does not come into contact with the outside air. This prevents oxidation and thus ageing of the grease. In addition, the follower plate keeps the reservoir wall clean, to ensure that the grease level remains visible at all times. The grease dosing of the pump is viscosity and temperature independent, because the lubrication cycle is based on the actual number of revolutions and not on time. The settings of the pump can be adjusted manually using the rotary switches in the pump housing.

The main benefits at a glance

  • Temperature and viscosity independent grease dosing
  • Optimal adjustment of grease dosing per lubrication point
  • Easy to programme
  • Equipped with a follower plate that ensures that all the grease in the reservoir is used. This means that the reservoir wall remains clean, allowing to check the grease level visually. Ageing of the grease as a result of oxidation is also prevented
  • Filler coupling with filter prevents contamination of the grease during refilling


The OnePlus is suitable for many applications. A number of possible applications are shown below. You are welcome to contact Groeneveld for tailored advice.

Learn more about the OnePlus

Fill in the form to get in touch with Groeneveld about the OnePlus. We will contact you as soon as possible.

The compact pump unit of the OnePlus automatic lubrication system has one output. One or more divider blocks are connected to this, depending on the number of lubrication points of the machine or vehicle.
The amount of grease and the lubrication cycle can be easily adjusted to the demand of the machine or vehicle. Thanks to the integrated grease pressure indicator you can see at a glance if the lubrication system is working properly.

Follower plate

The pump is equipped with a follower plate. It will ensure that all the grease is used and that there is no funnelling effect. Moreover, the grease is isolated from dirt and water, while the ageing process is slowed down. Due to the fact that UV radiation has less effect, it will be possible to use biodegradable greases. The reservoir wall remains clean, enabling to check the grease level visually.

Rotary switches

With the new OnePlus it is easy to programme the quantity of grease distributed and the lubrication interval using two small rotary switches located behind a waterproof screw cap at the front of the pump housing. The quantity of grease is determined by the set lubrication cycle and the number of revolutions of the pump and is therefore independent to viscosity and temperature. Once programmed, the setting no longer needs to be changed, but the system can always be adjusted to meet changing grease demands.


Divider blocks

Groeneveld's progressive divider blocks stand out because of their unique quality and combination possibilities. This allows exactly the right system to be assembled for each and every application, where each lubrication point always receives the correct amount of grease. Not too little, preventing metallic contact (and causing disturbing sounds), excessive wear and unexpected downtime. And certainly not too much, because waste and environmental pollution have no place in a good business practice.
For its progressive systems, Groeneveld provides anti-corrosive divider blocks with a high quality zinc-nickel coating. This treatment withstands a 720-hour salt-spray test and thus offers the best possible protection against corrosion.

System overview

The OnePlus lubrication system consists of the following components:

  1. An electric plunger pump with integrated grease reservoir and operating unit
  2. Manometer
  3. Primary grease lines between the pump and the divider blocks and between the divider blocks themselves
  4. Main divider block
  5. One or more divider blocks (composed of various divider segments)
  6. Secondary grease lines between the divider blocks and the individual lubrication points
  7. Pressure switch

Click here to go to the Groeneveld Portal for extensive technical and commercial documentation.

Click here to go to the Groeneveld Portal for extensive technical and commercial documentation.

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