Food & Beverage

When operating industrial applications, such as in food and beverage, it is essential to keep your conveyor belts running. Even as those belts are not the essence of the operation, unplanned downtime influences the total performances of your plant negatively. In order to keep the conveyor belts, bearings, chains and gears running, proper lubrication is indispensable. Groeneveld offers both a fully engineered solution and a self-install system. The Groeneveld systems automatically lubricate your application, no need to stop the operation for greasing. And because of the technological advantages of automatic greasing, the lifetime of the conveyor belt will be significantly improved.

Automatically lubricates better

Manual lubrication of pins and bushings on conveyor belts, for example, is not only dirty and unpleasant work, it also takes time. Time during which the machine should be able to operate in order to make money. Because in the end it is all about profitability. During manual lubrication it will also be more difficult for the grease to reach the surfaces that needs to be lubricated, resulting in extra wear and tear. Automatic lubrication with the Groeneveld automatic lubrication system is the solution and offers major benefits:

Reduced operational costs
Improved plant productivity
No manual greasing
Reduced grease consumption

Fully engineered system


The Twin dual-line automatic lubrication system is developed specifically for applications where the reliability of the system is crucial. Twin is used all over the world for the most demanding applications. For installations with long line lengths and for extremely low or high ambient temperatures. Twin will be fully engineererd to suit your application. Thanks to the unique product properties, Twin offers great benefits and an excellent return on investment.

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Self-install automatic lubrication system


For less demanding applications, Groeneveld offers ready to install automatic lubrication kits. The MultiLine AXL is a level-headed automatic lubrication solution for light industrial applications, capable of operating oil from SAE80 up to and including grease to NLGI-2. With up to 36 points automatically lubricated, the service interval and the service life of conveyor belts is significantly increased. Making the MultiLine AXL a smart investment in operational efficiency.

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