Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions to present its entire range at BAUMA 2016

Martes 1 marzo 2016

Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions is one of the major global suppliers of automatic lubrication systems for both the aftermarket and for ex-factory assembly at major OEMs. It will therefore have a prominent position at the Bauma near the Volvo Construction Equipment stand, one of the Dutch company's largest OEM clients. Moreover, the company is seeing rapidly growing demand for automatic lubrication systems in the field of earth moving and construction equipment. In addition, demand for other Groeneveld products such as the Oilmaster and the Greensight obstacle detection system is also increasing. This is not only true in the construction world, but also in the port-equipment market and internal transport market.

Perfect lubrication for every machine

Groeneveld is witnessing increasing global demand for automatic lubrication systems in the fields of construction, earth moving, road building, and in particular in the mining and quarry industries. In Europe, using automatic lubrication pretty much goes without saying. However, even in countries where lubrication is traditionally performed manually, the benefits of automatic lubrication are increasingly being discovered. Lower repair and maintenance costs and increased uptime and availability of machines are just a couple of the many benefits that explain the rapid growth in demand for Groeneveld automatic lubrication systems. In order to offer exactly the right lubrication for every machine, Groeneveld delivers a wide range of solutions. From the new EcoPlus and CompAlube XS for smaller machines like mini-excavators, midi-excavators and wheel loaders, to the unique Twin dual-line lubrication system. In addition, the range of solutions also includes a number of progressive lubrication systems such as the new generation OnePlus, all of which have Groeneveld's renowned high quality.

Groeneveld Bauma 2016 .jpg

Unique Twin dual-line lubrication system

Groeneveld's range of lubrication systems is extremely extensive, and the Twin is the absolute cream of the crop. The dual-line concept offers a superior solution for larger machines that often operate under extreme conditions. The system works under relatively low pressure, which retains the structure – and therefore the quality – of the lubricant. Furthermore, the dual-line system with its patented metering units ensures that all lubrication points are always optimally lubricated. This is made possible due to precise metering and lubrication intervals, and can even be done with low ambient temperatures and with large distances between the pump and lubrication point. This makes the system extremely suitable for larger machines such as large wheel loaders, dump trucks and excavators. For medium-sized machines, a Twin system with a pump capacity of between 3 and 8 litres will do the trick, but for larger machines, Groeneveld also offers an XL model with a capacity of 20 kilos or 18 litres of class 2 lubricant. And for the very biggest machines, a barrel pump is available for 200 litre drums.

Groeneveld progressive lubrication systems

In addition to the Twin for larger machines and the compact XS Medium Duty system for smaller machines with up to 19 lubrication points, Groeneveld also offers a whole range of pumps for progressive lubrication systems. One example is the TriPlus which can operate three separate lubrication circuits: a superlative solution for backhoe loaders, enabling the different systems to be lubricated separately. Mobile cranes and cement mixers are other possible applications. Other new additions to the range include the EcoPlus – a small progressive pump with a 2-grease cartridge and a touch display – and the OnePlus New Generation. As with all refillable Groeneveld pumps, the OnePlus is also equipped with a follower plate, which ensures that the reservoir is always clean and the grease level is clearly visible. With the new OnePlus, the lubrication interval and metering are easily programmable via two rotary switches accessible from the outside.

Oilmaster keeps growing in popularity

The Groeneveld Oilmaster, which was originally developed for road transport and public transport, is increasingly being implemented in power packs, earth moving equipment and generator sets. With this more intensive use in mind, Groeneveld specifically developed a Heavy Duty Oilmaster with a 15-litre aluminium reservoir. Groeneveld's advanced oil management system ensures that the engine oil remains at precisely the right level at all times. In other words, the oil level should not be too low, as this may result in costly engine damage. But also not too high, which can result in excessive oil consumption, oil leaks through seals and gaskets and even damage to exhaust after-treatment systems. In addition, the Oilmaster reduces the likelihood of low quality engine oil or engine oil with incorrect specifications being added. With the Groeneveld Oilmaster, oil level checks and refills are now a thing of the past. Furthermore, the likelihood of engine damage and major repairs due to a too low oil level is reduced to a minimum.

Greensight Safety Support System

Another Groeneveld product that is being increasingly used in the field of earth moving and construction transport is Greensight, an active safety system that hugely boosts safety around the machine. Greensight gives the driver or operator accurate and reliable information regarding the free space in front of and behind the truck or machine. Ultrasound sensors scan an area of up to nine metres behind the machine. This space is divided into three clearly distinguished zones, each with an individual visual and acoustic alarm. An alert unit is installed in the cabin that emits both auditory and light (LED) signals to warn the driver or operator. The system can also be extended with one or more Groeneveld CMOS cameras with a colour monitor in the cabin.

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