Kramer Group consciously chooses Kalmar with Groeneveld systems

Efficiency, safety and productivity are key priorities for Kramer Group in Rotterdam, a company specialising in practically all areas of container logistics. “Optimum equipment availability is crucial in a 24/7 operation like ours. As is the use of high-quality equipment, such as the Kalmar reach stackers and container handlers, which we source from Cargotec Netherlands B.V. on operational lease basis. In view of this, the choice of automatic lubrication and safety systems from Groeneveld is equally obvious and logical”, says Cees Hendriks, Supervisor Operations for Kramer Group, for whom only the best is good enough.

Kramer Home Depot at the company's Waal/Eemhaven site and Kramer Delta Depot on the Maasvlakte are uniquely expert in container storage, container repair and additional maintenance services. Kramer Group's transhipment operations are concentrated at the Maasvlakte site. Delta Container Services – a joint venture with ECT – specialises in transhipment of empty and full containers. Kramer Group has offered its services at Rotterdam Container Terminal, a state-of-the-art feeder, short sea shipping and inland shipping terminal, since 2007.  Kramer in Rotterdam is a true family business, whose trademark is service, speed and flexibility. Kramer has an operational contract with Cargotec for its 6 reach stackers, 11 container handlers and the associated range of spreaders. The contract includes the availability of a full-time technician 5 days a week. “Our business is all about productivity and equipment availability”, says Hendriks. “That is also why we have chosen to install Groeneveld automatic lubrication systems on all of the mobile handling equipment to avoid any dependency on the operators for daily maintenance. As a result, they can concentrate completely on the primary task, which is container handling”, emphasises Daan Nieuwenhuis, the Service Coordinator & Product Support Manager at Cargotec.

Daan Nieuwenhuis, Service Coordinator & Product Support Manager at Cargotec and Cees Hendriks, Supervisor Operations at Kramer Group.

Wise choices based on experience

Automatic lubrication is self-evident for Hendriks and Nieuwenhuis: “Lubricating the equipment by hand is simply too time-consuming. Furthermore, automatic lubrication is by far the best solution. It increases the lifespan of pins and bushes, so we have fewer failures and maximum machine ability.” Cargotec has experience with lubrication systems from other brands, but made a conscious choice in favour of Groeneveld. “The accuracy of the grease metering to each individual lubrication point, not too little but also not too much, is particularly important. Too little grease means excessive wear in the pins and bushes, but we also don't want a greasy mess”, says Nieuwenhuis. “Groeneveld simply offers the best lubrication system in this respect. Furthermore, we can always count on expert installation and service from Groeneveld's own technicians.”

The mobile handling equipment is equipped with Groeneveld’s Twin automatic greasing system.

Extra safety with Greensight

In addition to automatic lubrication systems, Kramer also operates Greensight safety systems from Groeneveld. “In the port, speed and safety are paramount and each business does everything it can to achieve the highest possible level of safety. As a result, we see increasingly strong demand for safety systems from the port and container handling sector”, Nieuwenhuis explains. “Based on the unique product characteristics and in response to customer requirements, Kalmar can now offer the ground-breaking Greensight ultrasonic obstacle detection system from Groeneveld as a ‘factory-fitted’ option on the new Gloria.”
“Speed is obviously essential in our work, but safety is always our first priority”, says Cees Hendriks of Kramer in confirmation. “Collisions between our machines and service vehicles have occurred on the odd occasion in the past. Fortunately without causing personal injury, but you always want to prevent repeat incidents. So using Greensight is just as self-explanatory for us as the automatic lubrication systems.”


Speed is obviously, but safety is always the first priority. So using Groenevelds Greensight is just as self-explanatory for the machines from Kramer Group.

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