DPW T3 tests Groeneveld automatic greasing on RAM spreader

In May 2016, DP World started a trial with the Groeneveld Twin Heavy Duty automatic lubrication system installed on a RAM spreader of an Automatic Rail Mounted Gantry Crane (A-RMG) at Terminal 3 (T3), Jebel Ali Port in Dubai. This terminal is one of the largest semi-automated facilities in the world. Pioneering large-scale automation, T3 is equipped with 19 highly automated ship-to-shore cranes alongside the 1862 metre quay with a draft of 17 metres. Additionally 50 A-RMGs operate on the 70 hectare storage yard. Automatic lubrication will play an important role in the further automation of the port operations.

“For an automated terminal, using automatic lubrication systems is self-evident. Our Terberg terminal tractors are already equipped with Groeneveld systems from the factory. Now, we’re taking the next step, automatic greasing for our spreaders, ship-to-shore cranes and other equipment. Besides of the advantages that come with automation of a manual routine, the spreader is better greased compared to manual lubrication. Grease is applied in small quantities with short intervals, so the grease spreads out better over the surface that has to be lubricated.” Says Mr. Shehab Ahmad AlHosani, Superintendent at DP World, “Downtime and especially unexpected downtime is deadly for our operational reliability.”

Automatic lubrication on a RAM spreader

The spreader used by DP World on one of their A-RMGs is the RAM SMAG Spreader 3900. “In total, this RAM spreader has 22 lubrication points. Per lubrication cycle a total of 5.5 cc of grease is pumped to all the lubrication points, perfectly aligned to the needs of every single grease point. ” Explains Johan Bood, Sales Director Port Equipment of Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions, “With Twin, all the lubrication points of the RAM spreader will be greased on real operation time and during operation. Therefore you can be certain of optimum sealing and lubrication of all greasing points. Lubrication related failures belong definitely to the past. Finally, this leads to an improved uptime and less maintenance and repair costs.”

Groeneveld and RAM

Close cooperation between Groeneveld and RAM Spreaders engineering departments, has resulted in a fully integrated automatic lubrication system. The greasing intervals are based on real working hours via special RAM software, thus guaranteeing the exact amount of grease required. Not too little, resulting in excessive wear and unnecessary disturbing noise; But certainly not too much, resulting in an overdose of grease, leaking on the yard or quay and resulting in unnecessary high grease consumption. Groeneveld is available as an ex-factory option for new RAM spreaders and the unique RAM Revolver spreader for bulk handling as well. Next to Dubai, there are new RAM spreaders with the Groeneveld Twin dual-line system in operation at leading port operators in Singapore, New Zealand, Ghana and Oman.


Twin automatic lubrication system installed on a RAM spreader at DPW T3.

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