Groeneveld in the earthmoving rental industry

Based in Western Australia, Reiner Earthmoving provides wet and dry hire services for earthmoving companies. Reiner’s fleet includes excavators, water carts, articulated trucks, dozers and wheel loaders, totalling up to 25 units. In the rental industry, the benefits of Groeneveld’s automatic lubrication systems become especially clear: no contamination of greasing points as caused with manual greasing, always a film of grease on the outer edge of the greasing points and significant savings on maintenance, time and repair costs. Naturally, the latest addition to their fleet, the newly released CAT 745 articulated dump truck, has been equipped with a Groeneveld auto lube system.

A Complete Business Partner

Rob and his wife Laura started Reiner Earthmoving over 10 years ago with the intention to provide a reputable service to Western Australia’s construction, mining & civil industry and have proven to be fore-runners in their field. They aim to be a complete partner for their customers and avoidable lubrication related break downs just do not fit in that strategy. Reiner Earthmoving can rely on Groeneveld’s automatic lubrication systems to help them achieve this reliability on a daily basis. “We also provide wet hire options of experienced and dedicated operators, service-personnel and diesel fitters. When a machine is hired without an operator, daily maintenance can be a missed chore by renters, leading to possible damage on our equipment. We strive to always provide high quality and efficient equipment for client’s to service any job so automatic lubrication is a no-brainer for us,” says Rob Reiner. In addition when asked about the major benefit of a Groeneveld auto lube Rob advised, “The time spent on maintenance has significantly reduced as we no longer need to manually grease our machines. As a result of this, the availability of our equipment has improved and productivity has gone up.”

Harsh Environmental Circumstances

“In Western Australia, dust and sand are constant challenges for our equipment. It is almost inevitable that you will experience some kind of issue with your equipment and an automatic greasing system. Groeneveld set itself apart from the competition however as the quality of their systems are second to none. For example, we had a machine in use for ten years, equipped from the start with a Groeneveld auto lube system. Except for re-filling of grease, we did not have to touch the system,” underlines Rob on the quality of the Groeneveld system. “We are using the Groeneveld Twin system and one of my favourite features of the system is the follower plate. Because of the follower plate the grease is not contaminated as the reservoir is filled from the bottom, using a filling coupling with filter, not from the top. Commonly automatic greasing systems tend to be topped up by workers, when the reservoir is about half used. In addition many competitor systems are topped up with grease from the top, allowing dust, sand and other contaminates to get into the grease. Groeneveld’s follower plate avoids this.

“Most of the time, insufficient greasing cannot be seen on the outside of the lubrication points. Only when it’s too late, you will have clear indications: squealing noises from metal-to-metal contact. So, without an automatic lubrication system, proper maintenance and thereby delivering a reliable hiring service is almost impossible and certainly not the most cost-efficient solution.” Jim Herewini, Regional Sales Manager at Groeneveld Lubrication Solution comments.


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