Groeneveld in the sugar processing industry

MSF Sugar, founded in Maryborough in 1886, is a significant grower, processor, marketer and exporter of raw sugar. Based in Queensland, Australia, the company produces 600,000 tonnes of raw sugar per year. For this impressive operation, reducing daily maintenance and increasing uptime of their machinery is key. Therefore, the company uses Groeneveld lubrication systems on their mobile equipment.

MSF Sugar owns and operates four sugar mills, which combined have a cane crushing capacity of 4.7 million tonnes. In addition to their four sugar mills, assets include supporting infrastructure, agricultural property and water rights to support cane growing activities. The company’s mills are located at Gordonvale, South Johnstone, Arriga (on the Atherton Tableland) and Maryborough. MSF Sugar’s property portfolio of predominantly cane land comprises of almost 5,500 hectares in the Maryborough district and 8,000 hectares in Far North Queensland. They source sugarcane from their own property holdings and from approximately 630 independent growers, some of whom lease land from MSF Sugar.

Mobile Equipment at the Silkwood Farm

At the Silkwood Farm in South Johnstone they operate, in addition to stationary equipment, two haul out tractors, a John Deere cane harvester, a Case tractor and a wheel loader; all equipped with Groeneveld automatic lubrication systems. The wheel loader is greased by the heavy duty Twin system, the Case tractor has a Groeneveld XS system mounted and the haul out tractors and John Deere Cane harvester are equipped with the SingleLine.

Automatic Greasing Saves Time

According to Robert Brooks, Harvesting Supervisor at the Silkwood Farm in South Johnstone: “The main benefit of using the Groeneveld automatic greasing systems is that we are taking away the manual inspection of the lubrication points from the day to day running of our fleet. This year we will run a 24-hour shift for our machines and with automatic greasing we are able to cut or haul right up to the end of our shifts as the drivers and operators do not have to worry about greasing. All our operators find that, by eliminating down time used to walk around a machine with a grease gun, they have more time to focus more on eventual issues or anything that looks out of place. During night shifts, we are unable to see properly, which will always be an issue with manual greasing. Now we no longer have to worry about this as the Groeneveld systems grease our machines automatically and efficiently. Taking all this into account, the automatic lubrication systems have become a big time saver”.

High Quality Lubrication

One other benefit of automatic lubrication is the quality of the lubrication itself. “We have also noticed that in the case of manual lubrication the grease takes the easiest possible route. After the Groeneveld systems were installed, we saw that when the systems got activated, it put pressure into the pin or joint and was able to give a more accurate grease delivery. This has become a cost saving as the wear and tear on multiple parts has been reduced considerably over a 12 month period,” says Robert. “That is why we have decided to install more automatic lubrication systems”.

Besides the quality of the product itself, the quality of the installation is also important as Robert emphasises. “The product is very neat to begin with and it is clear the installation technicians make that a major priority when installing the systems. Half the time you do not even realise there is an automatic lubrication system mounted on your equipment, it just tends to blend in to the machine.”

Customer Service

When asked for feedback on his experiences of our customer service, Robert states that “The customer service is A1. So many times once the money is spent you are forgotten by your supplier. Not with Groeneveld. The after sales support by Central Queensland, an authorised Groeneveld distributor in Queensland was second to none. The product in my opinion is already great but it has been all topped off with great product support in the aftersales process. Russel Ostwald, from Groeneveld Central Queensland, made considerable effort to train us on the systems. If there was something we forgot or could not work out, Russell was able to talk us through it over the phone. This type of service is only produced from experience and with 100% confidence in your product. We would recommend Groeneveld to anyone who has mobile equipment like tractors or wheel loaders. We are extremely happy with our decision to install Groeneveld to all of our gear.”


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