Automatic lubrication systems

Automatic Lubrication of bearings, gears, pins and bushes can save time and money.  Groeneveld solutions lubricate equipment during operation (unlike manual lubrication) and help grease to spread more efficiently over the surface.  By lubricating crucial components, Groeneveld systems help to maintain the value of these investments.  Maintenance employees do not have to be on site or need to climb under or over equipment to lubricate hard to reach points.  These benefits make Groeneveld systems a smart purchase for equipment longevity, efficiency, productivity and safety.  


  • Increased lifetime of pivots, bearings, pins and bushes
  • Lower repair and maintenance costs
  • Reduced grease consumption (up to 50%)
  • Increased uptime and productivity
  • Higher residual value of equipment

Groeneveld lubrication systems 

Automatic lubrication technology has been customized for many types of equipment.  Groeneveld offers SingleLine, DualLine, MultiLine and Progressive systems.  Do you know what the best technology is for you? Check out our Product Selector where you will find the right autolube system for your application, including small machines, large mining equipment and container handling systems.

Complete product offering

Groeneveld offers autolube systems that can be customized for many types of equipment.  The SingleLine Solution is tailored for trucks and trailers; the compact EcoPlus is designed for a smaller amount of lubrication points; the unique dual-line Twin lubrication system is made for heavy duty equipment operating in extreme temperatures or harsh environments.

Single Line systems

Single line systems are used for trucks, trailers, sweepers, buses, truck mounted cranes and many more applications.  These systems work with up to NLGI-0 grease.

Dual line systems

Groeneveld dual-line automatic lubrication systems are developed for the most demanding applications: many lubrication points or large line lengths.  These systems ensure equipment reliability in extremely low/high ambient temperatures.  Twin maintains equipment and can help contribute to an excellent return on investment.

Multi Line Lubrication

Groeneveld offers Multi Line automatic lubrication systems that are designed for self-install.

Progressive systems

Groeneveld offers a wide range of progressive automatic lubrication systems: EcoPlus has a unique cartridge system for easy refill; OnePlus has a reservoir capacity of 2-3 liters; TriPlus has three lubrication circuits that can be programmed and operated independently.  


Groeneveld specializes in products and services used for centralization. With high-quality, zinc-nickel progressive blocks and tubing, Groeneveld can centralize all lubrication points of equipment.  This is a very economic solution, with the option to install a Groeneveld Pump at a later stage. 

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Groeneveld Customers and Automatic Lubrication

Find out how Groeneveld Customers benefit from automatic greasing.

Groeneveld automatic greasing for CablePrice


“When we increased the oil drain interval on our Repair & Maintenance Contract’ for Scania Trucks, we needed to ensure that all greasable components were being lubricated as we were seeing the trucks less frequent. Therefore we decided to opt for automatic greasing. The Groeneveld autolube systems gave us piece of mind and also fitted perfectly to our ScanPlan marketing motto of Maximum Uptime.”

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Connexxion streamlines maintenance Solaris buses with automatic lubrication


“Nowadays, automatic greasing is pretty standard on our buses. Although a bus can be greased quickly, with a big fleet it isn’t a serious option. Because the lubrication interval isn’t equal to the maintenance interval, the bus must come solely for greasing to the workshop and personnel has to be planned. Our 340 buses are stationed on three different depots, or are of course on the road. Thanks to Groeneveld greasing, maintenance is less demanding.”

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Are you convinced about the benefits of automatic greasing?

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