Groeneveld specializes in automatic lubrication systems for use in demanding and severe agricultural conditions.  Groeneveld also offers the Greensight safety support system that increases operation safety and Oilmaster to ensure correct oil levels at all times.

Automatically lubricates better

Manual lubrication is dirty, inefficient and time consuming work.  Efficient and profitable operations require continuous work, without interruption.  Also, during manual lubrication it is more difficult for the grease to reach surfaces to be lubricated, resulting in extra wear.  Automatic lubrication with a Groeneveld system offers major benefits:

  • Frequent lubrication while the machine is in operation reduces wear and saves time and money 
  • This results in a longer life span of lubricated components, which means less costs and downtime 
  • Higher residual value 
  • Up to 50% less grease consumption due to optimum dosing 
  • Grease spreads better across the surface to be lubricated, because lubrication takes place while the machine is in operation
  • Grease is applied in small amounts at regular intervals with a grease collar around the pivot point
  • Dirt and water are kept out, also during high-pressure cleaning



The following Groeneveld automatic lubrication systems are highly suitable for use in the agriculture sector:

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Reduce risks, enhance safety

Groeneveld's Greensight obstacle detection and camera systems offer an excellent solution to increase safety.  Here are the benefits: 

  • Ultrasonic acoustic warning system 
  • Improved safety around the machine
  • Less risk of damage and personal injury
  • Increased uptime 
  • No information overload for the operator 
  • Fully integrated and modular system 
  • Fully adjustable to the application and the customer's wishes 
  • Expandable with the unique Smart alarm (sound adapts to the ambient noise)

Greensight obstacle detection system

Greensight is available as an obstacle detection system, camera system or combination of both.  Ultrasound allows the system to detect obstacles in pre-set zones accurately. This area is comprised of three zones, with their own detection areas. The system can also be expanded with sensors on the sides or top of the machine.  As soon as an obstacle is detected, an acoustic signal sounds for the operator.  The display shows which zones the obstacle is located.  The operator is warned as soon as a person or object enters the detection area.

Modular system

Greensight can be set up modularly and is an integrated solution that can be adapted to many applications.  Detection areas can also be adjusted after they have been set.  All of the components shown below can be individually connected to the control unit.

1. Control unit

The control unit is the core of each Greensight system. For smaller systems Groeneveld supplies a control unit with six connections, for larger systems a control unit with 15 connections is available. On this basis, each system can be built up modularly.

2. Sensors

The basic components of the Greensight detection system are the two sensors on the rear of the vehicle. The compact sensors detect objects that have a diameter larger than 75 mm. The in-cab display warns the driver through light and acoustic signals.

3. Additional sensors

To expand the obstacle detection system, sensors are available to mount on top or on the sides of the vehicle. This enlarges the detection area of the vehicle.

4. Camera system

The obstacle detection system can be expanded with the Groeneveld camera system, which can also function independently.

5. Smart alarm

The Greensight ultrasonic safety system warns the driver through acoustic and light signals. By expanding the system with the Smart alarm, people close to the vehicle are also warned as soon as Greensight observes them or an obstacle. Only then the smart alarm is activated, it is not standard while reversing. Thus an acoustic signal is given only when it is necessary, warning bystanders to stay alert. The volume of the Smart alarm automatically adapts to the ambient noise.




Greensight camera system 

Groeneveld supplies a high quality camera system that improves visibility for operators.  This is a great solution for blind spots: four cameras can be connected to the monitor, with all four of the camera images able to be displayed on the split screen. The Groeneveld camera system can be used as a stand alone supplement to the Greensight ultrasonic detection system. This is a combination that significantly improves safety and increased the comfort of the operator.

Unique characteristics

  • Clear and sharp images
  • No condensation and frost issues due to automatically heated lens surface
  • Possible expansion up to four cameras
  • CAN-bus connectivity prepared
  • High sensitivity at 0.025 lux (good visibility with little light)
  • Switches easily between different camera images


The following Groeneveld safety systems are highly suitable for application in the agricultural market:

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Always the correct level of oil

Groeneveld's Oilmaster oil management system ensures that the oil is always at an optimum level. Checking the oil level manually, is a thing of the past. This will not only save time, but will also prevent engine damage with all its costly and time consuming consequences. The Oilmaster offers the following benefits:

  • No need to check the oil level and fill the oil manually - pure time gain
  • Always the optimum oil level and correct oil specification
  • No engine damage as a result of an insufficient amount of oil in the engine
  • Less downtime as a result of repair and maintenance
  • Less risk of damaging expensive exhaust gas after treatment systems
  • Lower oil consumption
  • No risk of increased fuel consumption due to overfilling
  • Less oil required during oil change
  • Lower costs

Reliable operation

The oil level in the engine is measured via a sensor. If the oil level drops below a pre-defined level, the Oilmaster will automatically fill half a litre of oil, independent of temperature and viscosity. Information about the amount of oil added is stored in the internal memory and can be used to perform preventive maintenance.

System overview

The Oilmaster oil management system consists of the following components:

  1. Oil reservoir
  2. Pump unit
  3. Control light
  4. Sump plug
  5. Oil level sensor


The Oilmaster is available as a standard version and as a HD version:

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